Collapse By Freeman Totally Expected

November 22nd, 2009

For all you sadistic negaholics expecting Joe to unload on Josh Freeman for a horrendous outing against the Saints, it’s not going to happen.

All the mistakes he’s making are to be expected. Just because the kid displayed Superman qualities in his first two games, that doesn’t mean he’s not a 21-year-old rookie who is sure to stink up the field at times.

The real thing to watch is whether Freeman keeps repeating the same errors over and over. Some of that’s on him; some of that’s on coaching.

Freeman’s fumble today on the scramble deep in the Bucs’ end is something he should have corrected by now. Tuck the damn ball or throw it away. Joe’s sure Freeman would be the first to admit that, considering his poor ball protection in Miami.

The interceptions? Joe can live with them, as long as he improves over the final six games.

Yes, Freeman was the heralded “bust-in-waiting,” as Joe called him before in the weeks leading up to draft day until about July 1. But that’s an outdated moniker.

Now he’s the rookie starter. And Joe’s just watching and waiting like every other Bucs fan.

There won’t be many, if any, answers until after next season.

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    Good stuff man 🙂