Bucs “Making It Up On The Fly”

November 24th, 2009
Ha. Ha. Ha. Wait til you see what I do next.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Wait til you see what I do next."

Perhaps taking another vacation, Pat “Vacation Man” Yasinskas of BSPN.com gave his first take on the Jim Bates firing this morning at about 10 a.m.

This move opens even more questions about Morris and the direction in which the Bucs are going. In fact, they don’t seem to have much direction at all. They’re making it up on the fly and not sticking to a plan and that approach isn’t going to get them anywhere.

Joe recalls Raheem The Dream saying multiple times at his new-coach press conference that his play was to “Stay the Course.”

Joe is starting to understand what that really meant. It seems “Stay the Course” was, in fact, a plan to completely veer off course to throw everyone off, and then return to Chucky’s playbook and the Tampa 2.

Joe hasn’t seen this much needless motion and misdirection since Chucky had a his offense shifting all over the place on every other play.

13 Responses to “Bucs “Making It Up On The Fly””

  1. FlBoy84 Says:

    Funny how we haven’t heard much of the “we have a plan and we’re going to stick to it” chant that Rah & Dominik kept repeating over and over during the off-season and first half of the season. Think the last time I read about “the plan” was when Rah announced during the bye week that it’s part of “the plan” to have Freeman start the last 8 games for the experience. Then turn around and say it was a mistake in “the plan” that they wasted all those snaps during the OTA’s and the preseason on the QB battle with McCown and Leftwich (neither of whom are on the active roster now).

    WOW… on the bright side, we really don’t have anywhere to go but up from here.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    FlBoy84 wrote, “WOW… on the bright side, we really don’t have anywhere to go but up from here.”

    Oh watch your tongue….famous last words.

    The bottom is close but with this much disaray believe me the Bucs can get much worse.

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    How, by using the 1st three picks of the draft on WR’s? LOL 😉

  4. Sensiblefan Says:

    Raise your hand if you wanted Bates fired before the bye week…so why all the fuss?

    Joe and most people around here have been beating the “Fire Jim Bates” drum for quite some time, he gets canned and instead of rejoicing we get more doom and gloom. Please explain the hypocrisy people; I’m confused.

  5. FlBoy84 Says:

    While I agree that Bates wasn’t getting the job done, you really have to question why he was hired in the first place. It was very obvious what type of players he needed to run his scheme successfully, and looking at the Bucs roster it was obvious there was not a match.

    The decision goes hand-in-hand with the lack of research/examination done in the hiring of Jagz as well. I think the blame lies with those who did the hiring. Seems like they were looking for more name recognition/fan excitement in both the OC & DC hirings. Not sure who is responsible (Morris or Dominik), though I think it would be safe to assume they are equally responsible, especially after Rah had to call Dominik to make sure he was OK with putting Freeman in against the Patriots.

    Having said that, I’m not sad to see Bates demotion due to the simple fact there did not seem to be any willingness/ability to deviate from his system. And, in reading Steve White’s breakdown of the 6 running plays from last game, the fact that he appearer to have a formation that leaves an open, unmanned gap for opposing RB’s to exploit was very disturbing.

  6. Robe Keesler Says:

    Rah is a clown. Plain and simple. So is ownership for giving a 32 year old kid with no experience the reigns to the ship.

    The shame of it all.

  7. Alex Says:

    Lovie Smith as DC?

  8. Marlow Says:

    Gruden don’t look like such gen-ass now, does he? (rhetorical)

  9. Greg Says:

    Sensiblefan, I don’t think you’ll find anyone in here that did not want to see Bates go, but the lack of a visible plan, the knee jerk reactions and so forth coming out of One Buc Place does not give most of us any warm fuzzies that the Bucs have turned a corner. I think it’s great we got rid of Bates and his stupid scheme, but remember, we’re going back to the defense that basically couldn’t stop anyone in the last four games last year. We’ve still got a LONG way to go! I do like Alex’s idea about Lovie Smith though!

  10. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Attention Glazers:
    I have been a season ticket holder (2) since 1976. You are officially on notice that
    the remaining schedule is an audition for my entertainment dollars for next year.
    If significant changes, to the positive are not made, I will take my chances that I can still buy pretty good seats when the team performance justifies my expenditure.
    Hint: You have a ton of draft picks and a lot of cap room. Get a management team in place in a hurry, that can use that talent pool properly!

  11. justin Says:

    Rex ryan might be avalible too after this season

  12. Greg Says:

    Phil, I’m way ahead of you, the Glazers get two more games out of me, then I’m out until they bring in the coaches and management that can turn this disaster around! I’ll still support the Bucs, but it’s going to be from my couch so I can turn the channel when they put crap on the field like they did this Sunday!

  13. Paul Says:

    Vacation man was already curled up in bed with Drew Brees’ jockstrap by 11:30pm when this news broke.