Are The Glazers “Embarrassed?”

November 28th, 2009

Bucs rumormonger-in-chief Dan Parr, of, has dropped his latest bombshell.

He claims the Glazer Boys are souring on Raheem The Dream.

Word is the team’s ownership has been embarrassed by Morris’ handling of the club and its performance this year, and his decision to take over the defense may have been an indication that Morris is beginning to realize what his fate will be if he doesn’t show dramatic improvement as a coach in the final stretch of the season. Morris opted to respond by taking more ownership of his failure.

As usual, Parr cites nobody as a source of his insider information. However, Parr usually is quite accurate, and Pro Football Weekly is a legitimate, established publication.

4 Responses to “Are The Glazers “Embarrassed?””

  1. FlBoy84 Says:

    Their embarrassment should be felt when they look in the mirror. You could compare their decision in promoting Raheem to the local supermarket taking their deli assistant and making him the store manager. I actually think Rah could be a good head coach, but he doesn’t have nearly the background needed to perform the job handed him. You can’t underestimate the effect of him not spending at least a couple of years as a DC. There is a reason the majority of leadership positions in the world are attained after advancing through a series of promotions, building the necessary skills/traits along the way. You would think, as business owners, the Glazers would have an understanding of this concept.

  2. George C. Costanza Says:

    On a positive note, Joe, I was listening to the NFL station on Sirius Radio yesterday and heard Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller give QB Josh Miller oodles of plaudits. In fact, Miller, a former NFL QB, said he thought Josh would end up being the best of the 3 quarterbacks drafted in the 1st round last spring.

    As for your post on the Pro Football Weekly piece on the Glazers being embarrassed about all the events of this season, my response is how can they not be embarrassed?

    With Malcolm Glazer out of the picture due to his declining health, his sons know that they have become the laughingstock of the entire league and are viewed by most knowledgeable observers as clueless clowns of privilege who have no business running an NFL franchise.

    The adage that the “fish rots from the head” has been proven true by everything that’s unfolded this year.

  3. George C. Costanza Says:

    FlBoy84 is right, Joe.

    I think the Clown Princes simply didn’t want to be bothered with the long process of interviewing Head Coaching and General Manager candidates and said, Hell, let’s just promote Raheem and Mark. Problem solved!

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m sure I’ll plenty of trash to spew after today’s game against the Birds, but first I’m going to see how our new DC does at his job. If he does well, all is not lost. If he does poorly, well the Camel’s back is braking fast.