2009 Season A Collossal Fail For Raheem

November 24th, 2009

Joe isn’t sure he’s ever seen this before. And it disturbs him.

Never can Joe remember an NFL team launching both its offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator in the same season, much less before Thanksgiving.

But that’s just what Raheem the Dream has done.

This tells Joe that someone over at One Buc Palace royally screwed up last spring and, dare Joe suggest, maybe the Bucs need an executive consultant?

Now Joe doesn’t know exactly who hired Jeff Jagodzinski and/or Jim Bates as the offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively. Whoever did may not want to do any more coaching hires.

Jagodzinski was canned 10 days before the season began and the Bucs’ offense in many ways is still struggling as a result. Bates was simply horrible. Fundamentals? There were none. Whether Bates tried to fit a round peg into a square hole or he couldn’t put his players in the right positions to make plays, Joe isn’t so sure.

Joe, however, is sure of one thing with Bates: Whatever he was doing blew up in his face. As a result, he’s toast and likely so is his career as a defensive coordinator. His last two stops (Tampa Bay and Denver) Bates never finished his first season before he was neutered and/or canned.

So when Bucs historians and fans look back at the yet-to-be completed 2009 campaign, observers can rightly point to the hirings of Bates and Jagodzinski as the points from which the season began circling the drain. 

3 Responses to “2009 Season A Collossal Fail For Raheem”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Much more so for Raheem than the team…..the results in the W/L column are to be expected if one understands the QB situation.
    This team is full of holes on bothsides of the ball,some holes flat out talent other inexpirence.
    I can only pray we have a successful draft class,perhaps a trade or two picking up additional 2 or 3rd round picks.
    Freeman will be a very good QB !

  2. james from dunedin Says:

    WOW! How many coaches are we paying not to coach now?

  3. Tony from palm harbor Says:

    Talk about inexperience one thing to have a first year coach but also a first year general manager who was there to give them the road map, First you get rid of all the leadership on the team and expect people who aren’t leaders to lead aka Rudd. You fire your defensive coordinator because of the play of the players you gave him not the ones he wanted to get aka Jason Taylor or called a pass rush. What we need to get in the draft is a 6’2″ 250 middle linebacker that eats running backs for lunch and some pass rushing ends I think Miller and Moore will do fine in the middle. The management needs to be able to interview better ask the right questions like can you call plays during the games in a timely manner???