Why The Bucs Defense Sucks

October 2nd, 2009

The Bucs defense smells worse than a used, uncleaned bedpan in a nursing home. There’s no way of denying it.

There are a myriad of reasons. No pass rush. Linebackers taking bad angles at ball carriers. Second rate safeties. Tanard Jackson getting a mandatory time out session. Rotten tackling. The list goes on.

But Doug Farrar of FootballOutsiders.com via the Washington Post has an impressive multimedia presentation breaking down exactly why the Bucs defense sucks.

Trust Joe, it’s well worth the click. It includes play analysis and the view from the defense.

3 Responses to “Why The Bucs Defense Sucks”

  1. aldo Says:

    i think, the secondary is improving, sabby really sucks against cowgirls, but is showing us at least more balls. i think him and tanard can change the safety scenario, talib needs to calm down take off all that preassures and stuffs, but he is playing ok, ronde only needs to be focus in that plays that are selling us, the big problem comes with d line and LB, ruud show us he can be better, but not pro bowl level now, he need a better teammate becaus 1 LB can do it all, hoping hayes can develop much more because he is so talented, and the d line, the only one who i think has my support is roy miller, no DE no DT, hovan speaks and speaks but….gaines is a big B, no much to say about it, we need a real pass rusher and another d line of quality!!!

  2. Pete Says:

    The skins won’t have a chance they think Jermaine Phillips is playing deep! Will we have them snookerd.

  3. Dave Says:

    To me, the aggressive corner defense is predicated on pressuring the quarterback with your front seven and obviously that hasn’t happened yet. Primarily, I think the problems start at DT, with no one that offensive lines HAVE to double team. Ryan Sims, resigned in the offseason, was a pick as high as Adams (I believe 6th overall by the Chiefs) but does not produce in the NFL. Hovan plays better when paired with a more athletic DT like Sapp or Haye (of course everyone looked better with Sapp). Since the DTs never collapse the pocket or consistently blow up the run plays, the secondary is exposed. Keep in mind, these same problems existed in the Cover 2 at the end of last year when Haye was injured and Sims and Hovan were starting (see the Carolina and Oakland games). The return of Tanard Jackson will help, as he is a more instinctive safety, but without consistent pressure from the line, nothing works.