Vacation Man Talks Bucs Quarterback Carousel

October 30th, 2009

Vacation Man of BSPN discusses why the Bucs pulled the trigger on starting Josh Freeman against Green Bay. Joe already found a hole in Vacation Man’s premise. Let’s see if any of Joe’s readers catch it as well.

7 Responses to “Vacation Man Talks Bucs Quarterback Carousel”

  1. JerrJenn2 Says:

    I found a hole where the video ought to be….

  2. Joe Says:


  3. PetetheHat Says:

    Only reason to circle the Pats game as the point after which to bring in Freeman is the bye week not the dreaded Pat’s defense. The Packers defense is better than the Pats defense. But I do wish Freeman well. It may be the ONLY thing we have to root for this year.

  4. Joe Says:

    You are going down the right path Pete.

    If Freeman, as Vacation Man suggests, wasn’t ready for the Pats defense (and Bill Belicheat’s schemes), why would Freeman magically be ready in two weeks to face a much more complex and talented Packers defense run by Dom Capers?

    That just doesn’t add up for Joe.

  5. justin Says:

    Vacation man had to come up with some rational explanation its his job even if it doesn’t make since

  6. Eric S Says:

    I gather that Pat was trying to say that it was wise to start Freeman this next game because he would have 2 weeks to prepare for the Packers. If he started against the Pats, there would have been less time because of the preparation.

    I personally don’t mind them starting Freeman. I am sick of people bringing up Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Heath Shuler, etc. Those are all different situations. Did anyone think that they didn’t do well because they were overrated and not that great to begin with? Smith only started one season in college, so it wasn’t surprising he failed. Leaf was just a head case. Shuler had huge expectations in Wash and he crumbled under them. He also got seriously hurt.

    There is no huge pressure on Freeman right now. He comes into a perfect situation. If he only has a minor amount of success, he will be championed a hero. People here want more the scalp of the Glazers and to a lesser extent of Morris and Mark D. I don’t think fans will turn on Freeman if he plays poorly. Freeman has talent around him. He has a great TE in Winslow, a quality receiver in Bryant, good RBs, a decent OL who needs to pass protect a bit better. It is not like he has doesn’t have talent around him and that he needs to do it alone. I just don’t get the reasoning behind leaving him on the bench for the rest of season.

  7. Tristan Says:

    Something I caught was this…

    If his premise is that Josh Johnson struggled because he didn’t have any help from the rest of the offense, then why does it make sense to bring in Freeman on ANY week this season, let alone this one?