Tom Brady Didn’t Care For Joey Galloway

October 21st, 2009

Where have Bucs fans heard this before: A coveted receiver couldn’t hang on to the ball?

That’s a reason Christopher L. Gasper of the Boston Globe claims the Patriots, Tom Brady in particular, soured on former Bucs stud wide receiver Joey Galloway.

Gaspar claims Patriots coach Bill Belicheat made a mistake in signing Galloway and, given Galloway’s limited chances and dropped passes, Brady didn’t care for Galloway

“Any time you sign a player, you expect that he’ll come in and be a productive player for you,’’ said Belichick. “[Galloway was] inactive the last three games, and it just really didn’t work out for us, unfortunately. Sometimes that happens.’’

There is a natural push and pull between the roles of coach and personnel czar. There are conflicts and conflicts of interest.

That’s why Galloway, who will cost the Patriots nearly $1.8 million, lasted this long even though it was clear he had lost the trust of both his quarterback and the coaching staff following the Falcons game Sept. 27. In that game, he cost them a touchdown by carelessly stepping on the end line and dropped a Tom Brady pass in the red zone, after which the agitated quarterback rolled his eyes.

Before any suggests otherwise, Joe always liked Galloway the graybeard and is sincerely chagrin that things didn’t work out for him in New England.  Here’s hoping Galloway lands with another team soon.

Joe wouldn’t be opposed to Galloway coming back to the Bucs.

7 Responses to “Tom Brady Didn’t Care For Joey Galloway”

  1. oar Says:

    Where in the article does it say Tom Brady didn’t care for Galloway? Brady rolling his eyes on that one play doesn’t necessarily mean that. Plenty of qb’s roll their eyes/shake thier heads/lift arms in disbelief when receivers drop “should be” passes, but doent’ mean they don’t care for them.

  2. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    You know as well as I do that the game was passing Galloway by. Last two seasons with the Bucs he was doing the same thing, catching some balls, dropping lots of balls, mailing in running routes, doing the “Clayton Reach Out” for passes that brush by his fingertips. But then it was always the quaterbacks fault. Most fans knew what the deal was. Look, Galloway is a Pro Bowl player and a future Hall of Fame candidate and I love the guy, but he needs to retire and make some slurpees …er.. smoothies out in Clearwater.
    On that note, have you noticed that most if not all of the players that were cut by the Bucs in the last few years never made it with any other team? Talk about if they could only SIGN players that were great instead of releasing those that are marginal we may have something. Dan Silio from WDAE is spot on with the lack of NFL experience in the Bucs Front Office. Its mind boggling sometimes.

  3. Jorge Says:

    Hall of fame!?! Give me a freaking break! He had a couple of good years, CHILD PLEASE!…

  4. J Lynch says Says:

    He is Done

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Oar – It’s a headline, which can be open to interpretation in the world of journalism. It’s like if it read, Raheem Down On Clayton or Carl Crawford Down On Season, those words would not have to have been spoken.

  6. oar Says:

    Exactly and that’s just my interpertation!

  7. Deano Says:

    How quickly Bucs fans forget…he was the ONLY offense for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS. He breaks his foot, Gruden hides it to seek it as an advantage so other teams still prepare for him to play. Then, traded to Pats and Golden Chosen Child Brady can’t throw better than a Junior Varsity QB in the first 5 weeks of the season. Galloway GETS SEPARATION and Brady MISSED HIM over and over. Yes, Galloway also dropped a FEW (!! FEW !!) passes, but since Brady is a god then it was all Galloway’s fault. NO WAY. MOSS dropped SEVERAL passes in the same time period (and Brady missed him over & over as well 1st 5 weeks) but since he’s Randy then he gets to stay. BS. I hope the Colts kick their arse this weekend and make Brady cry and roll his eyes all day. It’s never Brady’s fault – never.
    Galloway should easily be signing with Vikings (dome !), Ravens, Bears soon. BUT, only as a #1 who is used PROPERLY ! Pats kept sending him into the slot and over the middle – HELLO ?!?! He’s 5’10” people…wanna keep him alive a little and USE HIS SPEED Bellacheat ? DUH ?!!
    BTW, the Hall of Fame thing… Galloway IS right there on a future ballot people. Absolutely. Better than Warfield, Cliff Branch, etc and is an apples-apples comparision to them. Didn’t win the Super Bowls they did, but not everyone can – never on a great team, including 2009 Pats.