Talib Keeps His Helmet On, Stifles Smith

October 18th, 2009

Tens of thousands of Bucs fans were on the edge of their seats anticipating helmet-wielding Aqib Talib to go absolutely wild on one or more Carolina Panthers after one of them punched him.

And Talib was, in fact, punched during the brawl following the horrendous cheap shot to Clifton Smith’s head, so said Raheem The Dream on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

So there was Talib running around the field like a wild man and needing to be restrained. For Joe, it conjured up images of Clubber Lang repeatedly losing all self control in Rocky III. Ahhhhhhhh!!

Count Joe among those on the edge of his seat waiting for Talib to deliver one of the ugliest moments in NFL history.

But Talib apparently is a changed man. He kept his helmet on his head. Not even a penalty in the melee. Although Joe sincerely hopes he didn’t take a cab home from the stadium. Sometimes those cabbies can look at a guy funny and deserve a beating.

Talib turned in another Pro Bowl day against Carolina, holding Steve Smith to just one four-yard catch. The dude is quickly becoming a premier cornerback in the NFL.

“I didn’t see losing the game with Steve Smith only catching one pass. Talib did a great job,” said Raheem The Dream after the game on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Joe is very excited about Talib. Sure, he has to do it for a full season, but at least he’s a bright spot on a defense that has very few.

8 Responses to “Talib Keeps His Helmet On, Stifles Smith”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Just throwing this out and I’m not saying i would want it but…

    With the way Talib has been playing what about shopping him around the league for a 1st round pick?

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr Lucky, you’re cracking me up. He was a first-rounder in 2008. 😉

  3. Howard Says:

    “Count Joe among those on the edge of his seat waiting for Talib to deliver one of the
    ugliest moments in NFL history.”

    Great line Joe.

    I was looking all over my ’46 screen trying to find the battery that I just knew Talib was committing against a Panther somewhere on the field. Watching Talib demonstrate a modicum of self control must have made that cabby wonder why that maturity wasn’t on display in his cab.

    BTW, love this site. It’s way more informative, objective and entertaining than those guys at the Official Bucs Apologist website that shall remain nameless. Keep it up.

  4. Joe Says:


    Thank you so much for the compliment! Joe appreciate it.

    By all means tell your friends about Joe.

  5. Pete Says:

    Hey, some buc in the 20 number range took off their helmet and attempted to follow the panther to the sideline. It wasn’t Ronde or Sabby and I doubt it was Will Allen. I’m not sure what they showed on TV but if you were in my penthouse at the CITS, Talib or someone in the 20’s very much took off a helmet and had to be restrained by an official and several other buc players. That altercation spilled all over the place not just the main scrum in the EZ area.

    That wasn’t Talib? It was a #20 something, Buc who was acting like a wild and crazy man at around the 15 yardline or so who very much had his helmet off.

  6. Greg Says:

    Pete, I saw the same thing, it was #27 (Torrie Cox I think).

  7. Pete Says:

    Thanks, I knew it was some DB but just couldn’t tell…to much to watch.
    Guess I just assumed it was Talib 😉

  8. Greg Says:

    Yeah Pete, with Talib’s past, that’s not a bad assumption to make!!