Yes Ladies, Sabby Piscitelli Wraps Up

October 17th, 2009

Earlier this week, Joe listened to the Sabby Piscitelli Show heard on the “J.P.’s Happy Hour” broadcast on WQYK-AM 1010. The show was broadcast from a live remote when Joe heard an unusual question.

A young lady in the audience asked Piscitelli,”Why doesn’t he wrap up?”

Piscitelli responded, “I don’t remember [not].”

[audio: sabby.mp3]

Immediately Joe wondered who this lass was, what she looked like and how or why she was privy to such intimate details of Piscitelli’s personal life.

Then it dawned on Joe: She was asking about tackling.

Piscitelli later mentioned how Raheem the Dream was “hard on us, real hard on us and he was right” in practice this week. Piscitelli said he and his teammates didn’t have a problem with the criticism from Raheem the Dream because, “he’s right.” Piscitelli claims players appreciate honesty from their coach.

“He wasn’t positive,” Piscitelli said. “He didn’t try the positive approach. All of us as individuals I’m sure looked in the mirror and said, ‘He’s right.’

“Hey, he got on me about a play that didn’t show up on TV but was on the film. I appreciate that and a lot of players do.”

(Audio courtesy of WQYK-AM 1010. Tip of the hat to Big Papi.)

4 Responses to “Yes Ladies, Sabby Piscitelli Wraps Up”

  1. Dave O Says:

    What didn’t make it onto radio was another patron yelling “Why aren’t you cooking dinner?” at the young lady.Completing the uncomfortable moment.
    Her friend just won NASCAR Ford championship weekend tickets..I cant understand why she’d be so salty.

  2. Joe schmoe Says:

    I happen to know a couple of ladies that will atest that he wraps up every time.

  3. JK Says:

    Sabby is a special team player at best.

  4. Melissa Says:

    First off, *I* am the “young lady” that asked why he doesn’t wrap up his tackles. I did not hear the additional comment made by the other patron, so there was no discomfort on my part. And truth be told, you don’t want me in the kitchen cooking if you value your life.

    As for being “salty”, I thought the question was legit. He dives at people and they get by him. That or he’s trying to chase them down. Just something I was wondering about as a fan, and when I had the opportunity to ask… I did.