Rushing Freeman = Killing Rah’s Career

October 26th, 2009
Raheem the Dream should turn his back on people in ivory towers who are screaming to rush Josh Freeman into service before hes ready. Its not their jobs on the line if Freeman is scarred and ruined.

Raheem the Dream should turn his back on people in ivory towers who are screaming to rush Josh Freeman into service before he's ready. It's not their jobs on the line if Freeman is scarred and ruined.

Count former Bucs beat writer and current columnist Don Banks amid a growing number of Fourth Estate members who indirectly want Raheem the Dream to commit career suicide.

Banks, like Vacation Man, is panting for the Josh Freeman era to begin. Of course, it’s not Vacation Man’s cash or Banks’ money that will be thrown down the crapper if Freeman is rushed and ruined because of their impatience.

If you’re the Bucs, don’t you have to go to Josh Freeman now? Tampa Bay (0-7) has its bye next weekend, and then a game at home against Green Bay in Week 9. Why not see what the rookie quarterback has to offer? It’s not like Josh Johnson has provided a spark or convinced anyone that he’s the future in Tampa Bay.

Your move, Raheem Morris. What have you really got to lose at this point?

Joe can answer Banks’ two questions simply:

Don’t you have to go to Freeman now? In a word, no.

What does Raheem the Dream have to lose? Since Raheem the Dream is married to Freeman, only his career.

15 Responses to “Rushing Freeman = Killing Rah’s Career”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I understand both sides of the argument, and both are valid, but how do you know if it’s rushing unless you play him? There are two sides to every coin and sometimes you just have to flip it in the air and see what it lands on.
    He either has it and is capable, or he doesn’t. Dilfer he’s not, I believe that much.

  2. Trox Says:


    don’t you think Rah has committed career suicide by his choice of coordinators? Could he have done much worse than Jags and Bates? Having Freeman play and at least show some potential for the future, might be what keeps his job.

    Last year, Flacco during the preseason looked horrible, absolutely brutal. Even his stats were awful, but he got in games, gained experience and eventually flourished. That may or may not happen with Freeman, but right now this team is unwatchable.

  3. Joe Says:


    Two things:

    1) Freeman is married to Rah. If Rah rushes him when he’s not ready, and the guy becomes the next Akili Smith, what do you think happens to Rah? Coordinators can be replaced quite easily. Replacing a ruined quarterback drafted in the first round (and his eight-figure salary) aren’t as easily replaced.

    2) Do the Bucs look anything remotely like last year’s Ravens team? Do you think the Bucs can advance to the NFC title game this year?

    Also remember that Flacco was slated as a backup. Only because of injuries did he become the starter. The team was winning so the Harbaugh decided to keep him in.

  4. justin Says:

    I don’t want any young quaterback to be rushed if we had a chance to get into the playoffs I would say play the quaterback that gives you the best chance to win but to think we would make the playoffs at this point would meen you are doing some killer drugs

  5. mike Says:

    Raheem committed career suicide when he accepted this job. It’s been a debacle since day 1. It reminds me of when McCain picked Palin to be his running mate. This Bucs regime is at best a long shot to survive to next year.

    The status quo will get him fired because that means they go 0-16 or 1-15. The Bucs aren’t getting better, they are getting worse. Josh Johnson looks to betting worse each week he plays.

    Raheem’s only shot of keeping his job for another year is to play Freeman and hope like hell he progresses enough that there is a reason to be optimistic for next year.

  6. Joe Says:


    Joe is also referring to Rah’s career, not only his stint with the Bucs.

    If Raheem the Dream panics, throws Freeman in and the kid melts down because he wasn’t ready, Raheem the Dream will be lucky to get another job in the NFL. How he ruined Freeman will stay with him forever. Owners will use that against him.

  7. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Freeman should sit. He would be a senior this year, he’s young. This season is done as it is so why ruin Freeman while trying to find a spark. If Freeman plays it should be limited and only to get his feet a little bit wet. I feel the kid can be this teams future, but he needs a good coach. The whole Bucs team need good coaches really bad. Joe do you think that the mojority of this team has enough talent that with the right coaches and schemes and a few more key players the Bucs will be back on track? Or would you say we need almost all new players?

  8. Trox Says:


    All of your points are valid about Flacco. However, my point about Flacco is QBs can look horrible and can show improvement with live game experience. I know, I know about the David Carr fiasco. Did the Ravens have a better defense? Absolutely.

    The rest of this year for the Bucs should be about showing improvement. Johnson isn’t the answer and I think we can agree about that part of the equation.

    Here’s a better question you can answer for us, Joe. Will the Glazers open up the checkbook and pay for players. Can we get out of last place spending on players’ salaries? Please tell us that will change, Joe.

  9. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Ha ha not buying the career suicide angle joe, the nfl is full of hacks and retreads that just keep getting re-hired!

  10. thedeej3000 Says:

    If starting Freeman means we’ll get rid of Raheem sooner, I’m all for it.

  11. admin Says:


    Time will tell about the Glazers. Joe can only hope.

  12. Trox Says:

    No matter how good Freeman might turn out to be. Glazers don’t spend the money, the Bucs won’t be anything but mediocre.

  13. big nick Says:


  14. JK Says:

    Trox, forget about the Bucs improving this year. They appear to have no leadership or want. I believe Joe is about giving Rah every benefit of a doubt because he was for the hiring of Morris. As for who should quarterback they need to find out if Freeman is the real deal. If he’s got it he’s got it. Personally I don’t believe he does. He scrambled on 3rd down from scrimmage and ran out of bounds two yards short instead of lowering his head and going for a first down. That would have shown guts and leadership from the rookie. In the end he played like everyone else except for the exception of a few.

  15. Sgt Mike Says:

    I don’t care what they do as long as Raheem and his “Band of Idiots” get fired. Sooner than later. As a medical professional I know the first thing you do to save a life is “Stop the Bleeding”. Raheem and his “Band of Idiots” are like a femoral bleed and that only takes about 3 minutes to bleed out. Bill Cowher 2010!!!!