Raheem The Dream’s Fate Not Up To Dominik

October 19th, 2009

Much was made yesterday of the report Sunday morning that Bucs general manager Mark Dominik did not give Raheem the Dream a vote of confidence. This report was later shot down when Dominik spoke to NBC’s Peter King saying Raheem the Dream is safe.

Joe spoke with a number of sources last night who informed Joe that Raheem the Dream’s job security, or lack thereof, is not up to Dominik. Rather, Bryan and Joel will determine Raheem the Dream’s fate in this nightmarish season.

Then there’s the fact Joe irresponsibly overlooked yesterday that Joe has been harping on for months:

So long as Chucky’s salary is still on the Bucs books, Raheem the Dream is safe. There’s no way Bryan and Joel will pay for three head coaches, two of which (Chucky and Raheem the Dream) would be walking the streets.

Until Chucky has another coaching gig, it’s asinine to talk about unloading Raheem the Dream.

5 Responses to “Raheem The Dream’s Fate Not Up To Dominik”

  1. Kryptonite Says:

    Joe, you’re making no sense. It’s not asinine at all. Don’t be clueless. Raheem is probably making $1 million tops. That’s peanuts. That’s half of Nugent’s salary. Raheem’s only got 2 years guaranteed it was reported. He’s got one in the tank. No sweat off their ass to cut him if they have a new guy they want. THink about how much money they’ll actually lose if the bring Raheem back after a 1-15 season. Would you renew your season tickets? Didn’t think so.

  2. Paul Says:

    I believe Chucky is good for another year also. So, if that is right, how’s that bode with “our” cost cutting, penny pinching owners for next year if Gruden just decides to stay in his cushy ESPN pedestal? Oh yeah, I think Morris is also good for next year (two year contract I believe).

    Despite all this talk about Gruden’s ego, it’s still hard to walk away from a double income and sweet little TV gig, so Chucky might be in for 2010 MNF.

    I dunno, the economics for dem Glazers looks pretty bad. Man, this is like buying a run down house to rehab, but instead end up with a money pit.

  3. Paul Says:


    1-15? Good for you for being extremely optimistic. Have you seen the remaining games. Ohhhhh. painful….no violent is a better word.

  4. Louie Says:

    If you start doing the math, all those empty seats add up to 7 figures. If Morris goes 0-16, there is no way he can keep his job.

  5. PetetheHat Says:

    He (RAH) was in over his head to start with, as very well may be Dominick. The Glazer’s are cutting costs across the board no way they’re going to bring in a Shannon or Cowher which may command $4-5 million/yr respectively. I think RAH/DOM are analagous to the Republicans throwing up McCain/Palin knowing thet were going to lose big time and not waste a lot of resources(in other words being thrown to the wolves).