Raheem The Dream Tired Of Talk

October 12th, 2009

Raheem the Dream was not in a good mood after the game speaking on the Bucs radio network. In short, Raheem the Dream nearly started naming names but stopped just short.

To be specific, Raheem the Dream is tired of players talking big but not backing up their big words with big plays.

“There’s not enough fight out there,” Raheem the Dream said. “We have to have more fight from both sides of the football out there. Jeremy Maclin was the pill we just didn’t need to see.

“We have to help out our young quarterback. When you get your hands on the ball, you have to make the catch. To Josh’s credit, he did the right checks but we have to execute. We have to make the catches for him. If we win the battles for him he will feel better about himself.

“Winslow was catching everything for him and when that happens you have to feed him the ball. But he needed some of his buddies to come up and help him.

“Everyone is saying the right thing but are you doing the right thing? Do you care about your team? We have to self evaluate.”

3 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Tired Of Talk”

  1. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Stroughter to number 2, Mahan a free agent, and Gaines Adams benched those would all be nice predictions today.

  2. Larry Says:

    Ways to turn around the Bucs:
    1. See if there’s any value at all in the trade market for Fumbelina Clayton. 2. Rob Bruggeman is still on Atlanta’s practice squad, he can’t be worse than Mahan.
    3. Bench Adams and let him ride pine for awhile until he gets his crap together.

  3. Tye Says:

    Morris is entertaining if nothing else. He talks like he is clueless to the fact that He and his coaches are the ones that named these guys starters and grant them playing time. If he is Coaching on the fly then what does he think OTAs and training camp was for, hanging out with buddies! I am starting to wonder if that article of Morris being one of the worst hires just a prophesy.

    The results of a team is the mere reflection of the quality of leadership in which they are led by!