Raheem Rips Bucs Fans

October 24th, 2009

This post is not for angry drunks or those with a weak stomach. So prepare yourself.

Raheem The Dream has told a British newspaper that Bucs fans aren’t as smart as they need to be.

Joe is now a few steps closer to believing Raheem The Dream needs to take the next bus out of Tampa. Joe’s hardly there yet, but after this gem of a comment, Joe’s losing patience quickly.

You see, Rah says the typical Bucs fan just doesn’t get that that the Bucs are not a frugal club. The Glazers and the Bucs just spend smart, Rah says, and you fans can’t grasp the concept.

Here it is in Raheem The Dream’s own words. Apparently, he was asked whether the Bucs are shafting the team and fans by not spending as much as the other NFL clubs.

“No, because look at the money we spent. Kevin Winslow has given us a boost. It’s all about smart spending. In football it’s really not about how much you can buy a person for, it’s about the best team you can put together. We like to think we’re spending smart. Fans never really understand it.”

What’s not to understand, Rah?

The Bucs have lost 10 consecutive games. The Bucs biggest free agent signing on defense this year was Angelo Crowell, a guy who missed the entire 2008 season and is out again. Angelo Crowell! On a team whose defense was mauled in December last season.

That’s smart spending? Even an idiot can see it’s not. Why can’t you?

You want to talk about smart spending, Rah? How exactly is it smart to be paying Mike Nugent more than you earn yourself? Or Jon Gruden to sit in a TV booth, or Bruce Allen?

How smart was it to invest eight-figures on a rookie quarterback and then not give him enough reps in the preseason? Smart spending to pay Byron Leftwich $2 million for three games?

Joe could go on and on.

Raheem The Dream repeatedly hasn’t learned to be careful what he says to the media. The guy just can’t shutup, and it’s hurting him.

This kind of rip of Bucs fans’ intelligence is the type of comment that can make an entire fan base turn against a coach.

Rah better hope the Bucs win a few games this year and Josh Freeman looks like a stud.

27 Responses to “Raheem Rips Bucs Fans”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Winslow has given the team a boost? Great. Does that mean the offense is ranked 29th instead of 30th?

  2. Pete Says:

    We have a coach? Who knew? Morris better be frugal with his money that’s for sure.

  3. J Lynch says Says:

    Raheem shut the hell up you dumb ass. Before the whole fan base gets fed up???? Joe why don’t you take a poll on this guy???I bet there are more people fed up with this Imbecile. I remember I got called that when I compared him to special needs kids . I guess I was a little ahead of the curve?

  4. Tom Says:

    Just to pile on:

    Jermaine Phillips was re-signed, became a failure at TWO positions and is currently on IR

    Antonio Bryant was given 10 million this year and is being outplayed by a rookie 7th round pick.

    Michael Clayton…need I say more? 26 million dollar contact and over 10 million guaranteed.

    Luke McCown was given a 2.5 million dollar bonus so he could be traded for a late round pick months later.

    Josh Freeman is making how much to stand on the sideline while watching last years 5th round pick scramble around like a chicken with his head cut off.

    Jeff Jagozinski has the best deal of them all. He got to spend 3 months using his 6 year old son’s drawings as a playbooks and gets two years pay for the trouble without having to deal with even one regular season’s game worth of criticism…ah, to be Jeff Jagozinski :'(

  5. Jordan Says:

    Some great point Joe and then some not so great. Great points about Crowell and Clayton. Why we even resigned Clayton in the first place idk, not to mention 25 million. But unlike many of the comments out on here I don’t believe someone like Byron should have kept playing just cause he’s being payed more then JJ.

  6. J Lynch says Says:

    I think Jags got the boot because of Leftwich. He knows the guy is a failure. Trouble is Doug williams had histwo cents worth on the QB fiasco.I really believe the is some reverse discrimmination at one buc hood. Just how bad can somebody be to work for Green Bay and at Boston College???No attention to detail? Who hired this man anyway,Raheem???? You Puke

  7. justin Says:

    What boost if any we gained from winslow doesn’t show cause the defense xant give us the ball back or stop the other team from scorring

  8. Justin Says:

    Raheem has no clue. None.

    He is way out of his league, and I’m not talking about being in London.

    The only reason I even care about this team is because they represent Tampa. That’s it. There is nothing else to like.

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Jordan – never said Leftwich should keep playing. Just that he’s a counter example to the “smart spending” Raheem says all us idiots don’t understand.

  10. john Says:

    Hmmm. My english is either diff then yours. Or your just reading into things to stir. People up.

    Don’t understand. Does not equal. Idiots

    I am not a rah rah fan. But I call it as I see it and not read between the lines

  11. Louie Says:

    That’s it. Calling the fans stupid is the last straw with me. I can’t wait until he’s fired at the end of the season.

    Kevin Winslow? I hope the reporter got it wrong, because it would be really bad (what’s new!) if Morris doesn’t know his TE’s name.

  12. Burton21 Says:

    I can not believe this clown, I hope people join in on his Monday radio show next week! First he calls out players and now the only hope he has in this city THE FANS! HE desperately needs some help he even calls out the Bucs PR Group! He seriously sounds more and more like he is not cut out to be a head coach in this league and instead for a high school team.

    Please fellow buc fans lets get on him next week during his radio show, it’s the only way he’ll hear us!

  13. Tom Says:

    For some reason a number of people like J Lynch want to believe a conspiracy that Jags wanted McCown to be the QB and got the hook because of it.

    Let’s think about this for ONE second…

    Jags came from the past few yrs college with a cursory knowledge of the very recent NFL players, who wants to bet he knew of Byron Leftwich the former top 10 pick and didn’t know much about Luke McCown the career backup who was a 4th round pick of the Browns out of the powerhouse that is La. Tech.

    Jags “offense” was built around running the ball and deep passes off the play action. Which QB would you think he felt fit his offense

    1. Byron Leftwich – Immobile, strong arm, holds onto the ball looking downfield
    2. Luke McCown – Mobile, 5 yrs in the WC Offense, prefers short passes.

    Finally, Greg Olson is the OC now, and worked with McCown, was a fan of McCown and didn’t take long to give Lefty the hook in favor of Johnson a more mobile, McCown-like QB to run Olson’s more WC versed offense.

    So if Jags was mysteriously in favor of McCown as the OC and Olson was at least partially in favor of McCown as the QB, dontcha think that maybe it would’ve went to McCown all along and at the very least Jags and Olson would’ve both gotten the boot for that “reason.”

  14. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    “Drown the Dream”

  15. Louie Says:

    Talk about career limiting (ending) comments! It’s easily the dumbest thing Morris has said since the “I dare you to write anything negative about Clayton” comment.

  16. A Smart Bucs Fan Says:

    Michael “pay me $20 mil to block” Clayton yeah that’s smart spending right there. Rah Rah has got to go he doesn’t even know what he’s saying and i don’t think even he believes a word that comes out of his mouth

  17. george c. costanza Says:

    He didn’t say the fans were “dumb.” He said they didn’t “understand.”

    There’s a difference, Joe, and you know it.

    What don’t they understand? Coach could mean anything. He could mean, “We spend what we spend when the Misters Glazer tell us what we can spend.” Or something.

    C’mon, man. Things are bad enough as it is without you incorrectly paraphrasing the beleagured Head Coach.

    I hope you take this criticism in the spirit it is given, which is to point out that perhaps here you stepped over the judgment line. I will continue to be a devoted fan and reader of you most excellent blog, Joe, but keep it real for us.

  18. gt40bear Says:

    Just another example of complete incompetence at OBP. Settle in folks we stupid fans are in for a long bumpy ride. At least we will still be able to hear the games on radio when the blackouts start. A shame all those nice draft picks will most likely be wasted.

  19. PetetheHat Says:

    Rah Morris: nice guy, honest guy, totally in over his head… doesn’t have the experience or the smarts to be head coach (yet) bad manager and judge of people and talent (Jags, Leftwich, and what will be proven soon Freeman).

  20. Mark Says:

    Joe- I give you major praise for giving us this story!

    makes all of us bucs fans feel angry and annoyed

    “dont understand” maybe raheem doesn’t understand this team is 0-6 and the fans are getting fed up the team is on thin ice for blackouts

  21. Sgt Mike Says:

    The one thing I do understand is that we are winless and that we are $40 mil under the cap and have been for sometime now. I understand that we have a shitty team and noone in the organization gives a shit. I also understand that coaches like Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan and Marty Schottenheimer are out there. I further understand that without a commitment from the ownership to win that none of these coaches will come here and Rah may keep his job for the simple reason that noone wants it. At least crazy old senile Al Davis wants to win even if he doesn’t know how to anymore. I UNDERSTAND that bad is bad. It is what it is.

  22. Ray Ehnle Says:

    Recruiting players with past behavior or attitude problems is a mistake period. You do not need football knowledge to know it. So long as the Bucs keep doing it there will just be more of the same. please include all members of the Organization. Study the Patriots Organization and look into what is going on in Denver. Is it so damn complicated to follow the example of those with the most success? Stop pretending that what you do is so complex that the average fan can’t understand it. They will reward you with a large portion of dislike. In the end you will get your reward which is looking like a ticket out of town.

  23. chris Says:

    Open letter to rah and Glazer’s:

    The fan base has been spraining there collective ankles jumping off the band wagon i.e. season ticket sales. You might want to keep the one’s who are loyal and have shown patience to this point by not offending them or there intelect. Otherwise you will not have any money to pay you or any other mistakes salaries. Just a suggestion.

  24. kb Says:

    1st off,,i said these guys were douchebags back months ago. .2nd off Can we just go 0-16 and get blown out by 20 a game,so MAYBE the owner will wake the F up and fire these 2 clowns and go after a REAL coach, like Shannanhan,Cowher,Holmgren,, all are guys who have rings AND can make personell decsions…But my hopes arent up..Bruce Allen said we plan on spending the cap room,then was fired a few days later. So the Glazers are more concerned with being cheap then winning anymore, so the NIGHTMARE era continues

  25. CyberDilemma Says:

    Crowell was the biggest free agent signing? I recall the Ward signing being a little more highly touted than Crowell.

  26. c.moore86 Says:

    will you all stop being so sensitive. you all sound like little girls, if you do understand then he’s not talking to you but lets be real most fans do not seem to get it. I’ll give you a local example the RAYS a majority of you were up in arms when they they did not spend a ton of money in the off season before the 2008 season and now even the yankees are following suit. We may very well be a low budget team but that dose not mean we can not be successful, but the first thing we have to do is evaluate the talent we have now so we know what we need going forward. So be upset if we do not do what what needs to be done in the off season. until then be loyal fans and wear all your bucs gear every SUNDAY!

  27. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Cyberdillema – Think you need to re-read the post. Crowell was mentioned as the biggest defensive signing, not overall.