Panthers Having Problems Blocking Too

October 15th, 2009
Just like the Bucs, Jordan Gross and the Panthers are having problems blocking too.

Just like the Bucs, Jordan Gross and the Panthers are having problems blocking opponents as well.

Let’s see, a team that has a horrible record is having trouble blocking despite having an offensive line that was supposed to be a team strength.

Sound familiar?

Well, it’s not just the Bucs, but the Panthers. Seems as though the Panthers offensive line leaks worse than the proverbial screen door on a submarine, which is good news for the Bucs. Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer has the gory details.

All five starters returned this season, led by 2008 All-Pro left tackle Jordan Gross, but so far the line has struggled both in run blocking and pass protection.

The Panthers rank 23rd in the NFL in rushing and have yet to get a 100-yard performance out of either of their highly regarded backs, DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart.

According to, the offensive line has given up 10 sacks through the first four games. That’s already half of the Panthers’ team total for all of last season.

A lot of people point to the Bucs defensive front as being a culprit in the toasty Bucs secondary. If the Panthers are truly this bad, the Bucs defensive line should get some pressure on Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme and thus should take some pressure off of the Bucs secondary.

If the Bucs can get pressure on Delhomme and the Bucs are still giving up home run passes, then we can check off the defensive line as being the root of the Bucs defensive ills.

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