Panthers Crying About Bucs’ Illegal Wedge

October 22nd, 2009

And just when Bucs nation thought Sammie Stroughter was a stud kick returner in the making.

Now Panthers coach John Fox is whining about the Strougther touchdown on Sunday, saying the Bucs used the newly outlawed three-man wedge on the return and claiming his team was without it’s top coverage guys and missed three tackles on the play, reports the Gaston Gazette.

Replays confirmed that the Bucs did indeed have three men forming a wedge at the beginning of the kickoff return. The Panthers had other problems on that return, as well.

They found themselves without two regulars on their coverage team as Dante Wesley had been ejected earlier in the game and Landon Johnson was nursing a back injury.

“We had some new guys out there. They ran a new return, and we missed three tackles,” Fox said.

Joe has two unprintable words for Fox.

But it will be interesting to get the NFL response. Apparently, the Panthers intend to hound the NFL about the wedge and get some officials in trouble.

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