No Leg On The New Kicker

October 18th, 2009

Joe was among those peeved and flabbergasted by Raheem The Dream’s decision to not kick a 43-yard field goal in Philadelphia trailing 7-0 on 4th-and-2 from the Eagles 26 yard line last week.

Raheem The Dream explained he passed on the field goal because the Bucs are fearless, a point proved by him throwing the ball next to Michael Clayton, which would generate fear in any sane Bucs fan.

Joe wasn’t buying the decision then, and now Joe suspects there was a lot more to it.

Today against Carolina, new kicker Shane Andrus lined up for a 43-yard field goal in the first quarter with the score tied 7-7. He was on target but came up short.

Joe can’t remember the last time he saw a kicker come up short from only 43 yards. Joe suspects the Bucs know this guy has got the range of high schooler. Joe supposes this is what you get when you have a 29-year-old rookie kicker who has never made an NFL field goal.

For those keeping track, Matt Bryant nailed a 41-yarder and two additional field goals for the United Football League Florida Tuskers last week.

6 Responses to “No Leg On The New Kicker”

  1. Mike Says:

    That one could be blamed more on a bad snap from Economos, but Andrus still have plenty of time to adjust and make the kick. But these things happen to a team trying to get by on the cheap, and signing a kicker for minimum NFL wage and expecting him to be good is too unrealistic to be expected.

    Oh, and Tom Brady & Co are warming up for a London asskicking by destroying the Titans 45-0 at halftime. After next week we will be the laughingstock on TWO different continents.

  2. Shane Andrus Says:

    The kick was into the wind. Kickoffs were routinely only reaching the 10 yard line going into the wind and the back of the end zone towards the south end zone. The kick was short because of the strong wind which was 10-12 yards.

  3. The Limey Says:

    We are wondering what sort of side this pirate named outfit is. The only true football is played on the pitch at Old Trafford.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    C’mon limey. None of that true football crap. Joe has great appreciation for Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona and so many of Man U’s all-time greats. But there’s only one Buccaneers

  5. Mike Says:

    C’mon Joe, at least get the spelling of Buccaneers right, or hire me to spell check…

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mike, tough critic you are. A typo in the comments section and you’re up Joe’s ass. Joe’s glad he doesn’t work for you. It’s been fixed. 😉