Josh Freeman Says Other Josh Is The Starter

October 25th, 2009

Raheem the Dream’s groom, object of his lust and whose career his is pinned to, Josh Freeman, claims he is not the Bucs starting quarterback.

Asked on the Bucs radio network after the game if he was the starter, Freeman said Josh Johnson is, but didn’t deny he wanted the job.

“It’s business as usual. Josh is still the starter,” Freeman said of his teammate with the same first name. “I am looking forward to what I am doing. The decision [on who starts against Green Bay] is not mine. Josh is still the starter.”

Freeman seemed more bummed out by the loss than he was happy to take his first NFL experience.

“I hate to get my first snaps under these circumstances,” Freeman said. “But at least I got some game experience. It was good to get out there. I didn’t get things going like I wanted.”

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