Josh Freeman Nearly Sacrificed To Wolves

October 15th, 2009

Yeah, yeah, Joe understands that Raheem the Dream has a crush on Josh Freeman worse than Joe lusts over Rachel Watson. But at some point common sense and reality have to kick in.

Joe understands Rachel will never be waiting for him, scantily clad or buried in winter clothes, when he returns home.

(Oh, and not-so-kind memo to all the whining women pining for cold weather, Joe has a four-letter word for you: Ohio. You wanna wear coats so damned bad, move to friggin’ Columbus and leave Joe alone. You live in Florida. It’s supposed to be hot. SHUT THE F’ UP OR MOVE!)

So when Joe read in an article typed by Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune that offensive coordinator Greg Olson — he of the genius who thought it would be oh, so edgy to run the freaking option in an NFL game — thought about putting Freeman into the Eagles debacle last Saturday, Joe almost choked on his coffee.

But after watching the Eagles’ defense launch a parade of blitzes, he thought better of it. Freeman, Olson decided, wasn’t ready.

“The feeling of the offensive staff was, ‘I don’t know if this is the defense that we want this kid to start off against,'” Olson said Wednesday. “We figured we’d let him develop a little further first.”

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed!

Has this guy Olson ever heard of David Carr?

The Eagles were coming through the lines worse than Patton’s Third Army was racing through France. Sean Mayhem, as Harry King pointed out, looked more like a greeter at Wal-Mart than a center. It’s a wonder Josh Johnson didn’t get killed.

And Olson actually had the bright idea of parachuting Freeman into that!?

Mind you Olson, as Joe pointed out earlier in the week, was so flabbergasted by the Eagles blitzes, he didn’t know what to tell Johnson.

Look, until the Bucs patch up their offensive line and put together some sort of running game, Freeman should keep his rear end firmly planted on the bench. The people who scream for Freeman to be put in a game (for what reason, Joe doesn’t know) Joe again points to Carr.

Carr, put up some decent numbers for the Texans, but was absolutely ruined if not scarred for life because the Texans offensive line couldn’t block the wind. Right now the Bucs offensive line is not much better if it’s better at all.

Joe wasn’t fond of drafting Freeman either but that doesn’t mean Joe wants to see the kid get maimed. There is absolutely no need to rush Freeman. None.

4 Responses to “Josh Freeman Nearly Sacrificed To Wolves”

  1. Pete Says:

    So Joe what do you think? Should Freeman start? You seem to have no opinion on the subject. This is only the 71st article on the subject. Stop teasing us tell us what you really think.

  2. Jackson Says:

    The point you’re missing is, Johnson, thru experiences like Philly, will be MUCH better prepared to lead an NFL team and earn the repsect of his teamates. Johnson is gaining valuable experience which pushes him further out front in the Qb derby.

  3. Chris Says:

    While I agree there is no rush to get Freeman in there and you raise an interesting point with Carr but Aikman took a ton of hits too. They were 1-15 and Aikman was getting hammered but he turned into a great QB. The point being if you are drafted high, your team needs immediate help at the position and you will take hits. Some guys make it and some guys do not. I think it is easy to use examples like Carr or Harrington but personally I do not think either of those guys could play. They each had one good year but could not adjust to the NFL. I was not in love with the pick either for various reasons. We all just need to know if this guy can play or not and soon. That is the bottom line.

  4. aliyy Says:

    why would u do that? Everybody see that jj is much better than freeman we seen the interceptions in pre season are u really trying to go 0-16. Somebody get on the horn apologize to gruden and beg him back.