Jimmy Wilkerson Was Angry Today

October 11th, 2009

Violence. Joe likes it with hockey. Raheem the Dream likes it with the Bucs. Front office types at One Buc Palace do not.

That said, it was violence that propelled soon-to-be new daddy defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson to play like a beast today while too many of his defensive teammates took the day off (Gaines Adams, anyone?).

While he is hours (minutes?) away from the birth of his third child, Wilkerson was an angry man Sunday.

“I was just playing with a lot of aggression and anger,” Wilkerson said. “I wanted to win so bad I had to do whatever I could to get our offensive back on the field.”

One Response to “Jimmy Wilkerson Was Angry Today”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    Just goes to show we do have some key pieces of the puzzle for a new coach to put together. Penn, Miller, Wilkerson, Hayes, Caddy are just a few names of some core players that will help the Bucs new HC get things going when he gets here. Can’t wait until this nightmare is over.