Jeremy Trueblood Is A Walking False Start

October 7th, 2009

Someone at the four-letter network, BSPN, actually got their heads out of the asses of the Red Sox, Yankees, Cowboys, Patriots, LUH-bron and ko-BEE to actually come up with something useful and insight.

It broke down the players with the most penalties and it shows that no player in the NFL has more false starts than Bucs right tackle Jeremy Trueblood.

Two NFC South right tackles are among the league leaders in false starts. Tampa Bay’s Jeremy Trueblood is tied for the league lead with four…

The player Youngblood is tied with is Cornell Green of the Raiders. Remember him?

For Joe, this is just about inexcusable. One of the first things that Joe learned in grade school football was you don’t jump before the snap count — grade school! Joe even sees good high school teams that won’t even jump before the snap for multiple games.

For a professional to get flagged for a false start a game is unbelievable to Joe. Simply put, it’s not having your head in the game.

Joe thought Boston College was a solid higher institute of learning? So what’s Youngblood’s problem?

As for BSPN, this is solid research and Joe thanks them for it. Imagine what that outfit could do if it stuck to straight sports news as opposed to hype, jocksniffing, slurping and endlessly pimping itself to grotesque levels?

3 Responses to “Jeremy Trueblood Is A Walking False Start”

  1. Jackson Says:

    They’d still be writing silly blogs like this.

  2. ChuckInJax Says:

    This is actually a HUGE relief to me!! Last year, he led the league in personal fouls and holding calls. At only 5 yards a whack versus his standard 10-15 yards per last year, I’d say these are steps to improvement–albeit very small steps, they are steps nonetheless! Thanks for the great coverage Joe!

  3. Fredrick Says:

    In my family Trueblood’s first false start of the season always signals the beginning of Fall.