Jeff Faine’s Return Comes None Too Soon

October 12th, 2009

The favorite turnstile of NFL defensive lineman, Bucs center Sean Mayhem, has been kicked to the bench (thankfully) as Jeff Faine tears off his shirt, escapes the phone booth (do those things still exist?) and comes back from healing his injured arm in an effort to rescue the Bucs offensive line.

With Mayhem at center, opposing defenses poured through the middle of the Bucs offensive line so quick most defenders didn’t even notice Mayhem standing there. eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune notes that the Bucs offensive line, which looked OK to begin the season, hasn’t looked the same since Mayhem started in place of the injured Faine.

As a result, Faine has been chomping at the bit to get back.

“It’s been pretty frustrating,” Faine acknowledged today after the Bucs fell to 0-5 with a 33-14 loss at Philadelphia. “You feel handcuffed not being able to help the way you want to. I think the guys up front have done pretty well, but it’s tough when you take out a piece that makes all the line calls. It’s tough to be cohesive.”

The Bucs did some good things in the running game against Dallass until they had to start throwing to catch up. With the almost-as putrid Panthers coming into the CITS this weekend, Faine may very well be the difference the Bucs need to lock up Raheem the Dream’s first win.

3 Responses to “Jeff Faine’s Return Comes None Too Soon”

  1. kb Says:

    when i posted my anger toward the moves we made after last year,and was laughed at..when i called the new coach and gm the nightmare and dumnick show.. Are THOSE people happy right now. Like you didnt see this coming. A coach w/no coordinator OR playing experience. Stevie Wonder saw this debacle coming. Of course,with thing the way they are, we will continue with this charade of a NFL organization for another 2-3 yrs as Tampa replaces the Lions and Raiders as the doormat of the NFL

  2. Lynchburg AL Says:

    It’s been painful to watch, knowing that Faines absence is a major factor on the offense. Had to mention that the CITS reference was nice. Good to hear Mr. Chris Thomas is alive a well in some of us. Maybe you can drop a T-TOT in regarding the Glazers in the future?

  3. Joe Says:


    Joe was always fond of Chris Thomas’ reference to Malcolm Glazer as “Mr. High Pants.”