Jay Glazer Thinks Bears Stole Gaines Adams

October 17th, 2009

No one has more inside information than Jay Glazer when it comes to the NFL. No one. Not Maoist Mike Silver. Not coffeehead/hotel critic Peter King. Not prettyboy Adam Schefter. Not the great Mike Florio.

Jay Glazer is on the mountaintop with confidential NFL info and everyone else is jealous.

So it was curious for Joe to hear Glazer thinks the Bears got a bit of “luck” that the Bucs became fed up with Gaines Adams. Glazer also said several other teams were in talks with the Bucs to acquire Adams, digging into his background to see if there was some character flaw or something else that was causing Adams to be unproductive.

You can see and hear the rest for yourself in this FoxSports.com video.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&#038;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:65ee7d53-d952-4df4-b44b-34a40d2d2baf&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_videosearch&#038;fg=everyzing" target="_new" title="Glazer: Bears make big Gaines">Video: Glazer: Bears make big Gaines</a>

16 Responses to “Jay Glazer Thinks Bears Stole Gaines Adams”

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, I’m surprised that you give Glazer any credit since he approved the trade of Adams. To claim to be so close to the Bucs hierarchy I would think they would have instructed you to bash this man and to give him no credit. I will be very interested to see who ate the contract money. Although not having the “inside scoop” like Joe does I would venture to say that the Bears will take over Adams contract. Does Joe in all his wisdom know how much that will put the Glazers under the cap? 45 or 50 million I would guess. I almost messed up and put a period after cap just in case Karl spelled with a K is following. Any other “bad” grammar on my part I apologize. No wonder the Glazers buy all unsold tickets. They are reaping a fortune off of “cap resources”.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    The “heirarchy” doesn’t instruct Joe, except when there’s large brown bags with small bills involved. The Bucs already paid Gaines a big signing bonus. I think his actual salary at this point was only about $1 million annually. ProFootballTalk.com report some numbers earlier.

  3. JK Says:

    Doesn’t it fill great that the Glazers have all that money in the bank and are not paying it to anyone that could help us win a championship? After all isn’t that what it’s all about? CHAMPIONSHIPS!! Sometimes I wonder if the Bucs so called fans want it to happen. I have never seen fans so happy that management doesn’t go after free agents because the owners might spend to much. Give me Snyder or Jones anyday of the week because they want CHAMPIONSHIPS. If they make a bad move which they do, they don’t get gun shy, they try again and again and again.

  4. sgw94 Says:

    I was with you JK till you said give you Snyder. That guy has ruined the Redskins trying to run his team like he is playing fantasy football. However the Glazers should be spending more money on their guys and going after others that could help the team win. People keep comparing Raheem to Broncos coach Josh McDaniels but I would point out that the Broncos went out and got All World safety Brian Dawkins and a great running back in Correll Buckhalter this offseason. Trust me, that helps.

  5. Jesse Says:

    all teams with sustained success in the NFL have done so through draft picks ie. steelers, pats, giants, colts,. We now have 10. Teams that mortgage their future for “big” names are nothing but star bleepers ie cowboys, redskins, jets. And, whats with the “so called fans” and “happy that management doesnt go after free agents” about. Ridiculous statements! Haynesworth said we offered him more money than Washington. We signed Winslow, leftwich and Ward not saying right or wrong but you cant say they were not actively pursuing free agency. Take your head out of your butt hole and quit spewing nonsense. Why is it always the guy who blathers nothing the guy who thinks he knows it all.

  6. JK Says:

    Jesse, The Bucs did not offer Haynesworth more GUARANTEED money than the Skins did. My point about Dallas and the Skins are this. Their owners try. Our owners are trying to make money first. Win second. They are interested in soccer as much as they are in football. How can you not see this? Look what they have done. Gutted our team and added nothing. You make a comment in your blog about us having 10. What do you mean? 10 more drafts before we compete?

  7. george c. costanza Says:

    Hey Joe,
    I went back through the 2007 draft, in light of our fourth overall pick that year who’s just been traded, and it’s sort of amazing how many of these guys didn’t make it in the NFL. Man, it’s all just a crapshoot. Think how the Raiders must feel having used the first pick of the draft on Jamarcus Russell.

    The draft pick that jumps out at you that year occurred in the 7th round. He was the 250th player chosen — a running back from Marshall chosen by the NY Giants…Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Here’s the full draft list that year:


  8. just saying Says:

    Word on the street is that Gaines Adams smokes tons of weed (allegedly) – coincidence he was good friends (believe I heard roommates at one point or another) with T-Jack?

  9. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the link George, did you guys happen to see Adams’ Wonderlic score? Seven! A score of 10 is considered literate, so if just saying’s tidbit is true, he was killing what few brain cells he had!!

  10. Greg Says:

    That score is in comparison to the league average of 24 by the way.

  11. Fredrick Says:

    I don’t care about “upside” or what he does in Chicago, I just know for whatever reasons he was not doing it here. He’s actually playing worse now than he was as a rookie. He got called out, got pulled out, and might have been cut in camp next year anyway. Now we must root for Chicago to start losing and improve that pick.

  12. Jesse Says:

    JK, 10 draft picks. Rebuilding! Look we havnt won a playoff game since we won the superbowl. We are gutting our team of old washed out fat salaries. We need youth for sustained success to build off of. Considering, 10 draft picks is a great position. I hope we get the number 1 overall.

  13. Paul Says:

    Let’s keep the ball rolling

    Other wish list:
    1)Fire Raheem replace with Shanahan,Cowher,Gruden,Dungy…for goodness sakes somebody who is a real coach.
    2)Just release Clayton. Nobody will give anything for him. It’s Dominick’s mistake…which leads me to…
    3) Fire Dominick replace him with somebody competent. Gaines Adams trade was probably his only good move.
    4) Trade Caddy for high draft pick (2nd round?). I like Caddy but he might blow his knee again this year.
    5) Trade Freeman? Probably not but one can wish
    6) Fire Raheem….Oops I said it already.

    The Bucs could be in a great position with cache of draft picks next year. I really hope they bring a coaching staff that can take advantage of it and build a winning championship team for year’s to come.

    Please do not let Raheem get a hold of all these picks! He might draft Shaquille Oneil, Denzil Washington, or whomever he is secretly lusting for.

  14. Mike Says:

    10 draft picks are great…but do you trust Dominick and the college scouts to make the right decisions? These are the same guys that have had input on Gaines Adams, Dexter Jackson, Arron Sears etc. This team needs a complete overhaul, from top to bottom, including the owners.

  15. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Mike has a great point. One of the reasons I was in favor of Jon moving on was based on his drafting From what I saw this past year I really think that the whole scouting organization needs to be revamped – yes Doug Williams has to go as well.

    I’ll nominate Justin Polowski for that position but without a HC who has a DC and OC that are on the same page – forget about it

  16. Mike Says:

    Hey Mr Lucky, Man U moved into first place in the Premier League yesterday, so the Glazers were up late celebrating last night. Somebody wake them up and let them know the Bucs are playing today…