“In Kind Of A Jeff Garcia Mindset”

October 8th, 2009

With Josh Johnson as the starting quarterback, Greg Olson wants offensive linemen to remember Jeff Garcia. Joe prefers to remember Carmella Garcia, for obvious reasons.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson told the media yesterday how Josh Johnson needs to be more patient in his progressions before pulling the ball down to run.

But Olson did reference two plays in which Johnson made good decisions to run but had significant gains negated by holding penalties.

Those mistakes were on the offensive line, Olson said, whose minds were not focused on the scrambler under center.

“That creates problems for the [offensive line], Olson said. “That was the case really on both of the holds where Josh [Johnson] was scrambling. That’s an issue, but again I kind of preach to them and I preach to Josh, You’re in kind of a Jeff Garcia mindset. The guys up front need to understand that. You got a scrambling guy there so understand the guy might be running by you and that’s when you’ve got to resist the temptation to grab and pull him when you feel color going by you there. …It’s really a very similar style to what they’ve been playing the last couple of years in my opinion.”

Joe wonders whether these penalties and the way Olson talked about them reveal a coaching oversight during the week of preparation leading up to the Redskins game. Was the switch from a statue, Byron Leftwich, to a rabbit, Josh Johnson, a major focus in practice?

Perhaps Olson assumed his experienced line remembered how to play with Garcia.

Regardless, sloppy holding calls are not something these Bucs can afford.

2 Responses to ““In Kind Of A Jeff Garcia Mindset””

  1. JK Says:

    Yes Joe, They overlooked the fact that JJ is rabbit fast. This coaching staff overlooks anything tied to preparing for a game. It took four games for them to realize how field goals are a very important part of the game.

  2. Fredrick Says:

    Garcia has one hell of a beard! Just kidding Jeff.