Glazers Rolling In Dough

October 2nd, 2009

Many readers may have seen the report in the St. Pete Times about the Glazers sitting ranked No. 139 in the annual Forbes list of the wealthiest individuals and families in the United States.

But the Times blurb was missing a key nugget of perspective.

What’s interesting is the Glazers climbed 51 spots on the list from last year and their worth, as reported by Forbes, jumped $100 million to $2.4 billion. So during an ugly year for the world’s economy, the Glazers appear to be movin’ on up.

Now Joe recognizes the Glazers may be cash poor and being especially frugal with the Bucs because of their massive loan payments to their Manchester United creditors.

But Joe thinks fans should keep their minds open to the possibility that the Glazers financial situation may be improving. Joe knows his humble stock portfoilio has had one hell of a year in 2009.

3 Responses to “Glazers Rolling In Dough”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m surprised you’re on the “Glazers are cheap and haven’t spent on the Bucs this year” bandwagon, as I thought you were smarter than that. Read Pat Yasinskas’ article on the ESPN blog; it might shed some light. On top of all the big contracts they handed out this year, the Bucs made the biggest offer to Haynesworth (which he turned down to go to Washington), and made legit runs at getting Cutler and Cassell. If we signed Haynesworth and one of those QB’s, nobody would be talking about our frugality. Instead, it’s all anyone can talk about. I’m ashamed to be a Bucs fan when I read what the local media and our whiney-ass fans have to say.

  2. Bill Says:

    Dave are you serious? The key words in contracts this year are “guaranteed” and “money”..Haynesworth didn’t take the contract with the most money he took the contract with the most GUARANTEED MONEY..I can offer him a $100M contract over 5 years to clean my house as long as I know I’m only going to be on the hook for the $5000 that I guarantee him for the first year..Find me some one that is willing to sign that contract and I’ll agree to that in a heartbeat..I think the “runs” that the Bucs made at Cutler and Cassell were offers that they knew would not be accepted. They made the offers so they could say that they did. It’s like me asking for Heidi Klum’s phone number..I can ask but i aint gonna get it, but I’m gonna brag to my buddies that I tried.The Bucs were never serious contenders for any of those guys.. One more thing..If anything makes you ashamed to be a Bucs fan, us true fans would rather not have you…Nothing makes me ashamed to be a Bucs fan..If I can stand tall through 0-26 I can stand tall through this..

    This part is For “Joe”: I hope you read this and I hope other true Bucs fans do as well..

  3. Bill Says:

    One other quick comment..I would be willing to bet that the gain in the worth of the Glazers has more to with ManU than anything else they are into. As long as they own that kickball team the Bucs will suffer. And anyone who thinks that the Bucs playing in London this year is not directly tied to the Glazers owning ManU is brain dead..