Gaines Adams Finally Plays Like A Pro

October 4th, 2009

Maybe for the first time in his NFL career, Gaines Adams played like an NFL player. Oh, sure, he’s had a decent if not good play here or there.

But this season, the guy has been worthless, invisible. That is, until Sunday at Washington. The guy didn’t just play like an NFL player, he played like an animal, even bulldogging Clinton Portis down for a solo tackle for a loss. He also had a fumble recovery.

Joe had to check if someone slipped Stoli in his ice tea (nope).

Adams had four tackles and three assists and a sack. Clearly his best day of the season and possibly best day of his career.

Even through his frustration after the game, Raheem The Dream spoke highly of Adams on the Buccaneers Radio Network but quickly admitted the Gaines Adams project isn’t over.

“No. 90 was struggling with a groin injury and he is doing what we wanted him to do,” Raheem the Dream said. “He came out today and played his heart out and played hard and when you can do that you can play football.

“He needs to do more. Hopefully he can come back and play a second game like that.”

Joe has to give Adams major props for being humble after the game if not bummed out that the Bucs lost. He wouldn’t gloss himself at all, instead talking about the team. “We,” not “me.”

“I have to give it to the secondary and the linebackers,” Adams said of his solid play. “They had good coverage” which allowed Adams to get to the quarterback.

“We were just swaming to the ball,” Adams said. “We were just trying to make the best of it.”

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