Freeman Development Progressing In Practice

October 22nd, 2009

Many Bucs fans wonder how, or if, soft-spoken Josh Freeman is developing at all on the sidelines, and after limited preseason reps.

Bucs center Jeff Faine, speaking on Total Access last night on 620 WDAE-AM, gave a progress report on Freeman when talking about watching the growing pains of the Bucs young players.

“They’re earning their stripes right now. And it’s tough to sit back and watch. But at the same time each week I see these players grow,” Faine said. “I see a Josh Johnson haveĀ a little more character in the huddle. I see, even Josh Freeman at practice, have a little more something that he didn’t have three or four weeks ago. It’s starting to grow. It’s starting to build.”

So there it is. Josh Freeman is developing, even catching the eye of the straight-talking, cerebral Jeff Faine.

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