Factoring In The Boos

October 27th, 2009

Bucs fans are a frustrated lot.

Eleven losses in a row will do that to any fan base.

Throw in the low budget operation of the team, the ugliness of the losses and a glorious Super Bowl just 6 1/2 years ago, and Joe is expecting loud boos to rain down soon on the Bucs from the remaining Bucs fans at the C.I.T.S. (community investment tax stadium).

Those jeers didn’t come down too hard on the Bucs against Carolina. But that’s likely to change quickly.

Joe doesn’t expect the boos to be heard over the cheers of tens of thousands of Packers fans in two weeks. But after that it should get ugly unless the Bucs win some games, which is highly unlikely.

Do the Bucs want Josh Freeman to take that sort of emotional beating?

Imagine the Saints are leading the Bucs 27-7 at halftime on Nov. 22, and the Bucs run into the locker room to a chorus of boos. And then what happens when Freeman throws a second half interception, or the Bucs have an ugly 3-and-out?

Freeman will hear some language and venom that may scar his 21-years-young self.

It would have been one thing if Freeman would have started this season. Fans might have been more patient with his development. But at this point Joe believes Bucs fans are nearing angry mob status.

If Freeman takes over soon, he’ll need to be mentally strong way beyond his years. Joe wonders why Raheem The Dream, given all the talking he does, never describes Freeman as mentally tough.

12 Responses to “Factoring In The Boos”

  1. ChuckInJax Says:

    Only 27-7 at halftime of the Saints game?! There will be loud cheering for the Herculean defensive effort being displayed, not boos! I am expecting a score more reminiscent of the Pats-Titans halftime score, so 27-7 would be a thing of beauty, Joe…Geaux Bucs!

  2. The_BucRealist Says:

    Wow Joe, you still have too high of an opinion of the Bucs. If we score or only down my 20 points against the Saints. Then that is a Buc victory. We might even here buc fan cheers if the score is 27 to 7 at the half. You forgot that we cheered in the third quarter when the bucs got their 1st First Down. It the little things for the Buc’s Fan Base.

  3. Radio Raheem Says:

    Please, don’t call me Radio.


  4. Joe Says:

    LOL outstanding find RR.

  5. Pete Says:

    Not another anti-Freeman angle from Joe. Do you have no shame?

  6. Paul Says:

    Not “mentally tough” is pretty appropriate. My take is that Josh Freeman will not succeed not because of lack of physicality but the lack of what’s needed from the neck up.

    Josh Freeman will show that he is unable to comprehend the NFL game. That is why the Bucs are deathly afraid to start him. His limited play indicates to me that he cannot process information fast enough at NFL speed. He will be a big tackle dummy for the blitzing defenses for as long as he plays in the NFL.

  7. Pete Says:

    But for goodness sake lets find out sooner than later if he can cut it. Anymore snaps not taken by Freeman are completely wasted snaps. Consider this now Freeman’s 9 game pre season tryout for next year. Instead of everyone wondering if he is going to suck why don’t we go ahead and find out.

    Joe is so worried Freeman will be ruined…one must assume he can be ruined first or that he has something to ruin.

    Wasted year already, lets find out if the kid can play. Or we totally waste next year too.

    Been there done that

    76 0-14
    77 2-12
    78 5-11
    79 10-6

  8. Paul Says:


    Nope sorry to say you have not yet:

    2009 0-16

    2008-2009 0-20

    Best shot of a win is probably Seattle or Carolina? Both are BIG IFS.

    I’m hoping for one win at least. Maybe they can sneak up on Greenbay. I hope.

  9. J Lynch says Says:

    Did you see the fear in his eyes?? I saw the fox 13 sportscast monday am, both sacks he covered up and let go of the football.. what a pussy

  10. Pete Says:

    Oh no Paul not true.

    76-77 0-26

    When we hit 0-27 then you will be correct.

    Soon everyone will know what it was like back in the 70’s.
    I wonder if I still have some corduroy bell bottoms? I still have plenty of old Orange Bucs jerseys…funny though, they don’t seem to fit like they used to.

  11. Sgt Mike Says:

    I think I still have some “Earth Shoes” that have a sole that flaps. You wear the Corduroy and I’ll wear the shoes, “Voom, Voom- Flap”

  12. Paul Says:


    Thanks forgot about that. Now I feel better….I think? Man 0-27. You would think they could win one before they can match that. It’s a damn shame that many now would doubt they can avoid the same fate.

    J Lynch,
    Yup, exactly I saw that deer in the headlights look also. It scares me just watching it. If Tom Brady’s brain is a corvette, then I see Josh Freeman’s looking like a Geo Metro.