Don’t Hit The Chandelier

October 24th, 2009

Bucs practice at Wembley Stadium in London today has been cancelled, reports the Mad Twitterer, aka Rick Stroud, Bucs beat writer for the St. Pete Times.

Associated Press reports that rain on the historic field at Wembley is the reason why.

The Bucs only practiced two days this week — Wednesday and Thursday — instead of the normal four. The Patriots actually practiced an additional day — Tuesday — and worked out on Friday in England shortly after arrival.

We’ll have a chance to talk with coach Raheem Morris and several players in a few hours. Chances are, they will conduct a walk-through in one of the large meeting rooms in the hotel.

But it’s fair to say they’re not as prepared as New England for Sunday’s game.

Did the Bucs not have a backup plan in place to run a decent practice just in case? Who planed this trip?

So the Bucs took off Friday to travel, and on Saturday they’re going to have room service and walk around a ballroom to prepare for the Patriots?

Joe suspects there’s a church soccer field or some other facility in London that would be pleased to take a few hundred bucks from the Bucs to host a decent practice. 

Good grief. And how is Michael Clayton supposed to catch balls when he can’t practice?

6 Responses to “Don’t Hit The Chandelier”

  1. BUCSUC Says:

    Way to know your roll Raheem. Ill prepared over your head coach. Like lambs to the slaughter. This is going to be ugly. Moss will make somebody’s fantasy roster some points.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    You know who planned this trip. The owners and the Nfl office. This whole season has been a joke. At this point the Bucs should hold a raffle each week. The winning Buc fans will get a shot at the offense and defense coordinators job for the week. Its a win win. This plan will keep some fan interest in the Bucs. And the Glazers can make a few extra dollars to help pay for the soccer team.

  3. BUCSUC Says:

    Realist- Awesome idea !! Can we have a raffle to sell the team.

  4. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    “Your ballroom days are over baby,night is drawing near” JIm Morrrison

  5. ChuckInJax Says:

    Rain?! In London?! No way!!! I can’t believe the ‘freak’ luck our beloved Buccos keep running into…Who’d-a-thunk that it might actually rain in London…I’m sure the press conference will contain: ‘what you have here is a team of men that will be better rested that their opponent’…Did we bring the Creamsicle uni’s with us? This may be the week for them! The word Clusterf*#k comes to mind…Go Bucs!

  6. Chester Says:

    agreed on Clusterf*&k. Funny line about Clayton, Joe.