Does Derrick Ward Want Out?

October 23rd, 2009

Running back Derrick Ward seems to be doing what classy athletes do when they’re throroughly unhappy with their role on a team and have nothing nice to say: Ward has stopped talking to the media, so reports Anwar Richardson, of the Tampa Tribune.

The Bucs heralded offseason free agent signing, fresh off a 1,000-yard season with the Giants, has done little — 135 yards on 33 carries. And he’s a backup, now that Raheem The Dream has decided to make Cadillac Williams a feature back.

“Derrick Ward is fighting his demons and he’ll be ready to come back and play,” Morris said. “I’m counting on Derrick Ward to go in there, and when it’s his turn, he’ll go. He should be a little quiet this week.

“You fumble your first snap when you go out there, you don’t get many opportunities to go out there and redeem yourself. You can’t wait for your next opportunity, and that’s what he’s waiting for, I hope.”

Joe’s troubled by the “I hope.” Where is that coming from, Rah? 

And when is Raheem The Dream going to realize that he doesn’t need to comment to the media about everything and everyone? There’s a time to say nothing or mix-in a glorified ‘no comment.”

Joe suspects there’s a major rift between Ward and Raheem The Dream. Take into consideration the quote above with Raheem The Dream’s comments about Ward just six weeks ago.

“You’re talking about a leader,” Raheem The Dream said of Ward. “ You’re talking about a guy that’s come from the bottom, that’s self-driven. You’re talking about a guy that’s absolutely spread that whole concept that the Giants had, the three running back system and spreading the ball around. …And being that same kind of core guy, and team guy. And he’s brought all those qualities to us. He’s just a dynamic person, and dynamic player.”

If Ward wants to wash his hands of the Bucs and try to force their hand to trade him, it’s another black mark on Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream’s scorecard.

12 Responses to “Does Derrick Ward Want Out?”

  1. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Hey Joe, Raheem’s learned from the best, it’s hard to get Derrick Ward on the field, he plays the same position as Caddy. Kinda like Joey Galloway/Antonio Bryant last year.

    Ward so far has been a waste of money because this team refuses to stick with the run game, partially because they play from behind and partially I think because they now feel they have to put up 40 points to lock in a win. Unfortunately we haven’t put up anything close to that. We can easily just stay with the ground game an mix in Caddy/Ward, even if we don’t win we begin to develop an identity as a team that’s gonna try to run it down your throat.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ward is definitely a good RB. He came in cold last week and fumbled the pitch, so what, that happens. I agree Raheem has too many press briefings and talks entirely too much. The not so great attitudes are a product of losing. All the backs are having a more difficult time running behind the inconsistent O’line play. It should eventually get better if Faine stays in, but not before it gets a little worse, because the play calling and coaching on the team is atrocious. If I was given a choice between Ward at RB or Olie as OC, I’d keep Ward. I bet Ward wishes he would have went to N’olins.

  3. Matt Says:

    Ward is just frustrated by his role, that’s all. If this offense ever turns it around, he’ll be fine.

  4. oar Says:

    Well you know what they say about losing……IT SUCKS!

  5. Tye Says:

    I can’t honestly say that I would be thrilled to be a part of such a horrible team. Especially when with each game that comes and goes it just looks like more and more the Coaches have learned absolutely nothing from the last game and aren’t getting any better at their job.

    Some people have the gift to sing and some doesn’t, Some people have the gift to play instruments and some doesn’t, Some people have the gift to dance gracefully and some doesn’t, and some people have the gift to coach a football team and Morris DOESN”T!

  6. Jorge Says:

    How much of this is just stirring the pot?

  7. big nick Says:

    I’m so tired of hearing “Your talking about a guy” god raheem sounds like a tardo. Get a new phrase or something.

  8. mr. Lucky Says:

    I HOPE the Glazers realize what a mistake they made and CHANGE the coaches before the next draft.

    I HOPE the Bucs win against the Patriots but it won’t CHANGE that their defense stinks

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Well… “Your talking about a guy, a group of guys, a plethora of guys, that have to be the all time worst coaches ever, in history.”

  10. gt40bear Says:

    How is it that even though Gruden never called his players out publicly, he was ripped for being bad with them. Morris does nothing but call his players out and is called a player’s coach. Rah if you don’t shut the hell up your players are going to turn on you if they haven’t already. Waaaay in over his head.

  11. george c. costanza Says:

    Gruden never said a whole lot when a gaggle of press gathered around him, though you knew he had lots to say behind closed doors.

    You learned how to do that after years of dealing w/ media.

    Raheem is so new to it he hasn’t learned how to answer a question w/out answering it directly — like politicians do. Actually, it’s quite easy. You listen to a question, then just say whatever the hell you want to say.

    I questioned on this site Raheem calling out Gaines Adams so publicly several weeks ago. You rarely see an NFL coach do that in a press conference setting. ‘Course, Adams deserved the criticism but perhaps not in front of the cameras. My guess is the way Raheem handled it wasn’t received all that well by a lot of players in the lockerroom cause they’re thinking, Jeez I might be next.

    Players coach? Maybe not so much.

  12. BUCSUC Says:

    Raheem was definitely paying attention to Gruden’s press conferences. It sounds like a version of Gruden’s player personel BULLSH*T. Start with accolades about a player that is not playing well and how he just wants to get better. This would not be so bad if the Buc’s showed signs of improvement. But they seem to be getting a little worse every game. Hopefully NE does not torch the Buc’s like they did to the Titans. I would take Fisher over Raheem any day of the week.