Clayton Did Not Ask To Be Traded

October 19th, 2009

Last week a commenter claimed he heard Chip Carter of WTVT-TV claim that Michael Clayton was so distraught after the loss to the Eagles that he asked Mark Dominik to be traded.

Apparently, that was a bunch of bull. Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune asked Dominik about that and Dominik flatly denied such a conversation ever took place.

Dominik might make more moves, but diffused rumors suggesting wide receiver Michael Clayton asked to be traded earlier this week.

“I have no knowledge of that,” he said.

Make that the second piece of manufactured Bucs news that Carter tried to pass off as a scoop in less than a week.

No wonder he hides his e-mail address much less stories from the station’s website.

4 Responses to “Clayton Did Not Ask To Be Traded”

  1. Hudbud Says:

    Thanks for getting to the bottom of this Joe. Man, Carter makes me wonder…I’ve never thought of speculation as news. And it angers me when it is reported as news.

  2. UfoJoe Says:

    The title of this post should read, “Dominik CLAIMS Clayton didn’t ask for trade.”

    His denials mean nada as to whether or not it happened.

    “I have no knowledge of that,” doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  3. Joe Says:


    Feel free to provide Carter’s contact information. Joe couldn’t find his Facebook account last night.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    I still don’t 100% believe Dominick over Carter, but his statement sure makes Carter look like a Jackass. I heard Carter say it clearly on the news. But, however, many lies have come out of 1 Buc Place in the past, and they have a serious Credibility Problem with many of us fans. Like the Game sold out yesterday. Somebody was Lying, or fibbing, maybe a little white lie, no just a slight exaggeration of the truth, a misconstruing. Yea, that’s the ticket, about 25,000 of them. I think the 42,000 is also a lie. Someone was spinning the turnstiles. There could not have been more than 30,000 yesterday IMHO.