Career-Making Game Up Next For Johnson

October 18th, 2009

Joe’s a big fan of Josh Johnson. The kid shouldn’t be judged on just a handful of starts, especially after getting so few preseason and practice reps over the past two seasons, but that’s the cruel world of the NFL.  

The reality is Johnson took a step back against Carolina, with too many poor decisions, a bizarre fumble — a very Luke McCown-like fumble — and just seven points from his offense. 

Johnson’s got one game left to keep his season alive and add to his quarterback stock.

If somehow he can turn in a monster game and a victory against New England in London next Sunday, Johnson will probably remain the Bucs starter. But that’s a massive long shot, given the state of both teams.

Barring a miracle, Joe is convinced the Bucs will turn to Josh Freeman during the bye week unless the rookie has some serious unreported issues. Or if he doesn’t feel like playing, since it’s clear Raheem The Dream doesn’t want to upset his bride.

So Johnson’s got his bed made. One game left to prove himself and possibly save his starting job and/or show the world he’s worth another look as a starter in the NFL.

As McCown has learned, you don’t get too many shots, and judgment isn’t always fair.

Joe’s rooting for Johnson.

2 Responses to “Career-Making Game Up Next For Johnson”

  1. Kryptonite Says:

    sure would make it interesting if he plays a perfect game. Win or lose

  2. Pete Says:

    Joe should stock up on Caybrew now and perhaps some of the harder stuff. He comes the Freeman express. Maybe after a few cold ones…like everything it will look better. But here it comes.