Cadillac Calls Out Offense (Nugent?)

October 4th, 2009

You could hear the pain in Cadillac Williams’ voice after the game talking on the Buccaneers Radio Network. He confirmed the pain when he said over and over, “Man, this hurts. This hurts. For us to play that hard and to dominate the game and lose it… (hard sigh) it’s tough.”

Part of his pain was frustration. Frustration at his teammates, in particular at his offensive teammates. The Bucs clearly wasted the best defensive game of the season by throwing away a 10-point lead with a not quite as putrid offensive effort as last week.

For roughly three quarters, the emphasis was on “offensive.”

If the Bucs couldn’t convert a third down they shot themselves in the foot with moronic penalties. And then there was the stiff known in some circles as Mike Nugent. He pissed away six points and almost nine.

And this aggravated Caddy to no end.

“We have to score points!” Caddy said. “We have to reward the defense for playing so tough.”

Or at least find a freaking kicker to kick field goals. Granted the Bucs didn’t do Nugent any favors with bad penalties at bad times that pushed him back. Still, decent to average kickers make those field goals.

Stiffs who belong behind the bar don’t.

Nugent didn’t. So Joe can easily deduce where Nugent belongs.

8 Responses to “Cadillac Calls Out Offense (Nugent?)”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    I feel your pain Caddy. You and some select others gave all and others did nothing to help. Piss Poor coaching!

  2. Jason Says:

    I think it’s time to start exploring other kicking possibilities.

  3. neftaly Says:


  4. Mike Says:

    The Saints will be cutting John Carney after today, as Garrett Hartley returns from suspension. He won’t hit the long FG or kick deep on kickoffs, but he is clutch, something Nugent never will be.

  5. JK Says:

    Bryant would still be kicking if it wasn’t for the fact that he supported Gruden.

  6. george c. costanza Says:

    is Bryant healthy yet? he’s still a FA, right? i remember reading earlier in the week he was working out for some other team.

  7. Diggy Says:

    The weird thing is that Nugent was money in college. Now he can’t hit anything. I wonder what’s up.

  8. Jorge Says:

    JK: are you serious? Man, you Gruden guys kill me…I wasn’t gun ho about the firing, but give it a rest already…It’s done…NEXT…GO BULLz!!!