Bucs-Redskins Breakdown

October 2nd, 2009

Trey Wingo, Tedy Bruschi and Mark Schlereth of BSPN break down the Bucs-Redskins game.

8 Responses to “Bucs-Redskins Breakdown”

  1. Fredrick Says:

    I love the Buc’s but I can already see this one: Portis on a bad ankle will go for about a buck fifty, Moss will beat Talib deep twice, Cooley moving the chains all day on our LB’s, they’ll stack the box to stuff Caddy, JJ looks lost against a relentless blitz, and Nugent will miss a key kick in there somewhere too. And remember I love the Buc’s.

  2. mike Says:

    o i guess u dont even have to watch the game.

    seems like u love the redskins

  3. Fredrick Says:

    Since I’ve had Buc’s season tickets since 1995, not likely numb nuts.

    I’ve paid out thousands to give my opinions, what about you?

  4. mike Says:

    ur not paying shit this week quit bitching and get over ur self, take ur money back u cant buy ur way on the ship
    eather u root for or against even when clevland fans wore bags on there heads they still rooted for there team, these are all players getting paid to play football have faith, if u watch to lose what the fuck is the point, so u can say on monday i told u soo the bucs suck. warm and fuzzy huh
    i’ll yell GO BUCS over ur bitching

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Mike, why not get a real job and get over the ship attendant deal. Big man has the power. Woo Woo. No one cares about the ship. It’s in the endzone. I’ve spent my thousands too and sit at the 45 yd ln. Why would I want to be on the ship? get over yourself son, and try to limit the swearing. Hating on a team and facing reality are two totally different things. Why don’t you go take your GED test again. I’d be surprised if you don’t lose that ship job too, Big Mouth. You’re probably one of those Rocket Surgeons that commits a crime, video tapes it, and posts it on Youtube. You know they might promote you to cleaning up our trash after the Games. Better yet, maybe you can clean the toilets. That’s right up your alley. Haha, loser.

  6. mike Says:

    who tf r u his bodyguard “and i will always love you” f that GO BUCS GO CANES

  7. mike Says:

    and i might be a loser but, i say we can win each week. i mean come the end of the game i say all we need is 3 td’s in one min. we got this maybe ya lost what its like to be just a fan instead of an bspn anlyist

  8. Fredrick Says:

    Sadly, I was correct almost to a fault. What say you now, “Mike?”