Bucs Loss Not On Tanard Jackson

October 18th, 2009

The Bucs sure missed Tanard Jackson, whose big hits and monster turnover nearly got the Bucs a win and overcame Jim Bates’ incompetency.

Jackson spoke on the Buccaneers Radio Network just after the game to talk about the loss, which Joe places firmly in the lap of his defensive coordinator, who is really just offensive.

“Guys were wanting to get a “W” and doing whatever we needed to do and it wasn’t enough. We fought. Sammie [Stroughter] made a great play. The defense [forced] some turnovers and it was not enough. We’ve got to keep fighting.”

On his interception that tied the game at 21-21, Jackson gave all the credit to Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme.

“I just read Jake’s eyes,” Jackson said. “It was a free play. I was on Jake’s eyes the whole time.”

On the final drive, Jackson claimed the Bucs knew what was coming but couldn’t stop Carolina.

“I don’t think they were going to pass that whole drive,” Jackson said. “If you cannot stop the run in the fourth quarter… we couldn’t get off the field. That will beat you up and that’s what happened.”

Jackson never tried to hide his frustration.

“It’s very frustrating,” Jackson said. “I know we are better than that. We wanted it so bad. It’s frustrating.”

Joe knows you are better than that as well, Tanard. If you only had a defensive coordinator, things would be much better.

7 Responses to “Bucs Loss Not On Tanard Jackson”

  1. Jackson Says:

    If you think a different DC would make any difference as the Bucs stacked the LOS with 9 players, you’re in the wrong business. This is exactly what happened under Kiffins watch with the exact same players. If you’re gonna point a finger, point it at those repsonsible, the players.

  2. JK Says:

    So it’s the coordinator who needs to be replaced this week, huh Joe? Last week it was Gaines Adams. He’s no longer here so this week it’s Bates. Give me a break. No one on the front four of our defense got a call all day. That’s Jim Bates fault? You wanted it You got it. Our owners only do what the fans and media want. So think about it tonight and tell those two dumbasses that run this franchise who should go next. Oh that’s right, they are on their way to England to watch the Patriots rip our Bucs to shreads next week. The Glazers get to double dip don’t they. I only wonder if they get all of the profits from the fish and chips that are sold at the stadium next Sunday. What about the head coach? Why isn’t he held accountable? Is it because you supported the move the Glazerhouses made and can’t admit your mistake?

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JK, the Bucs-Patriots game is not at the Glazers stadium in England. THey’re not getting any money out of concessions. We can assume the NFL is giving them some money for their lost cash for giving up a home game in Tampa.

    Not saying they should fire Bates. BUt it’s pretty obvious he sucks, or the players suck, or both. But I’m not seeing Bates showing anything other than a pile of crap — and it’s fresh crap every week.

  4. JK Says:

    Joe, I like your site. The only place I come to for Bucs news. I would like for you to tell me how do you know the Glazers are not reaping rewards other than the league money? On the Bates subject I would just like to state that in the last 4 games last season that the Bucs lost they were either tied or were ahead in the 4th quarter. You didn’t blame the meltdown on Kiffin, you blamed it on Gruden. The offense was there but you didn’t see it that way. I would like to see consistency. Our head coach Sucs and you need to report it that way instead of going with the Glazers company line. The sooner you and the rest of the media realize this the sooner we can right the ship.

  5. Mr. Bates Says:

    Yeah Joe who do you think you are anyway? All you do in complain and cry about how we do thinks here at One Buc. I don’t see you coming down here and filing out any applications!

    As for the defensive schemes Raheem and I have it under control. You just don’t understand what we’re trying to do. I mean under the 2-tackle system these players just can’t do the job. Any other team has better corners I mean did you realize that this defense limited Smith to just one reception?

    Plus you don’t give the defensse credit for the INT that Jackson had. Tanard played it just like I coached him so there…

    If the offense hadn’t thrown an INT right after the half we would’ve won. I mean come on this darn offense of Raheem only scored 21 points.

  6. Joe Says:

    Mr. Bates:

    Joe is humbled and honored that you read Joe, but not surprised. Joe knows he is a popular read at One Buc Palace. In fact, Joe gets comments and phone calls from employees at One Buc Palace.

    Now do everyone — including yourself — a favor and make plans to move in January. The Bucs can sure use the first overall pick in next spring’s draft.

  7. JK Says:

    Wow Joe, it seems like last week when we played the Skins you suggested that we play Freeman after we were ahead 3 or 4 touchdowns. Maybe we should do that next week when we have got the Pats on our home field. The whole Bates thing would be humerous if it wasn’t so sad. Are you really a Bucs fan?