Being A First-Year Coach Isn’t Fun

October 16th, 2009

Charley Casserly has been around the NFL for some time. He knows the ups and downs. And for first-year coaches, there are more downs than ups usually.

Casserly, writing for, detailed all the pitfalls a first-year coach much overcome.  One is often the quarterback position and Casserly, a former NFL executive, talks about what Raheem the Dream should do with Josh Freeman.

Tampa Bay is facing the question of when to play Josh Freeman. I would wait as long as possible. I thought he needed a lot of work coming out of college in the pro style passing game. I would play Josh Johnson as long as you can.

Joe pretty much has offered the same take. There is no good reason to play Freeman now, unless you want to risk the kid turning into David Carr. Freeman isn’t going to magically turn this season around.

One Response to “Being A First-Year Coach Isn’t Fun”

  1. Tye Says:

    “Being A First-Year Coach Isn’t Fun”

    Not for LOSING ones anyway!