Antonio Bryant Mans Up

October 12th, 2009

While Michael Clayton lives in denial about his inability to consistently catch the ball and arrogantly points to his bank account, Antonio Bryant is a man and confesses he’s screwing up, and hurting his teammates.

In talking with Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune, Bryant didn’t blame Chucky for his drops or try to big league Henderson at all. Bryant took the criticism of his dropped passes like a man.

“I personally had two big drops,” Bryant said. “If I get them, we probably win the game.”

Joe admires Bryant for speaking the truth, though Joe’s not sure the Bucs would have won had Bryant caught both passes he missed. Still, thank you Antonio for being upfront.

Joe only wishes No. 80 would be a man. Joe wonders if one lives in denial and blames others who are not even on the field for their mistakes, if said player is even motivated? If one doesn’t think one is in error, then there’s nothing to correct, right?

Doesn’t one have to come to grips with being in the wrong before they confront and repair their issues?

One Response to “Antonio Bryant Mans Up”

  1. ttoney Says:

    Clayton is a boob. Can’t believe we paid this guy high dollar to suck up the joint. Give stovall a shot, if he aint the man, move down the line. I Would rather see mario urrutia playing than clayton. Seriously.