2-2-1 Going… Going… Gone

October 8th, 2009
The phasing out of the 2-2-1 running back rotation means more carries for Cadillac Williams.

The phasing out of the 2-2-1 running back rotation means more carries for Cadillac Williams.

A lot was made in the preseason that Raheem the Dream’s running attack would be “2-2-1,” meaning the first string tailback would play two series, the second string tailback would play the next two series and the third string tailback would play once series.

It was a rotation Raheem the Dream hoped would keep the stable of Bucs running backs both rested and healthy.

That plan, like throwing downfield, has all but been scrapped, documents “Backwards Hat,” better known as good guy Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger. This means, more carries for Cadillac Williams.

But after the first four games, in which Williams is leading the team in rushing yards with 191 (as well as a 5.0 yards per carry average) and is second in receptions (12 for 81 yards and one TD), the Bucs are considering using Williams as the exclusive back.

“We’re going to get him involved more (with the passing game)” said offensive coordinator Greg Olson. “Clifton (Smith) has been our guy because of his threat as a pass receiver. Cadillac has proven he understands the protections and he’s a real solid pass protector and he’s developed as a receiver. Now, let’s work Cadillac in. Let’s rotate him with the other backs but the way he’s looked in the season, I think it’s time we become more committed with Cadillac as a full-time guy.”

Joe’s guessing had Cadillac not been pulled for Clifton Smith late in the game, Cadillac likely would have gotten a key first down in the final minutes and — more importantly — not fumbled.

One Response to “2-2-1 Going… Going… Gone”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    What do the Tampa Bay Bucs and General Motors have in common?

    They’re trying to come out of bankrupty riding the succesful Cadillac.

    GM’s dumped the crappy Saturn, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab lines and is pushing their crown jewel first and foremost.

    If only the Bucs could dump their non-performing models (read Morris, Bates, Adams & Clayton) and clone Caddy?