Where’s The Coaching?

September 27th, 2009

To be perfectly frank, Joe is loathing using his computer right now. He wants to do anything but be associated with Bucs football for the moment.

After a non-performance like that — a total and complete beating at home — Joe would prefer to have his pubic hair plucked than think about the state of the Bucs. … But Joe presses on.

Joe has to hang a lot of this game on the Bucs coaching staff. The team wasn’t ready to play, and the adjustments were non-existent. It was as if the Giants marched the field for an opening-drive score and the Bucs collective said, “Oh, no. Here we go again.”

What does Jim Bates do at halftime?

Joe’s waiting for Raheem The Dream to start shouldering some of the blame for having what sure looks like the worst team in the league.

His team does nothing well right now. And they’re still not tackling, which in Raheem The Dream’s words is about “want to.”

Coach, right now, you’re team doesn’t want to play for you.

9 Responses to “Where’s The Coaching?”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe there was NO COACHING this game, or in the Buffalo game for that matter. Good coaches can make adjustments and changes, especially after halftime.

    The Bucs are just doing the same ole same ole. it’s not working and it needs to be fixed. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of hearing excuses for Bate’s and his defensive system. Well for coach Olsen apparently very hard.

    I can’t believe that all the players just plain suck – but right now I’m beginning to believe it. Hell Talib looks good at times but then when the Giants made their last TD Talib had position and even turned his head – he just didn’t make the play.

    how many times has Albert Mack been with the reciever but doesn’t make the play?

    That’s coaching if you ask me. They’re not teaching these players the stuff that makes a good college player a good !

  2. Art Rawspine Says:

    Joe, you bring up great points. Bates is supposedly a defensive mastermind that was supposed to keep the defense competitive, and you see how that is working. It’s pretty sickening to me that these guys can’t cover receivers nor stop anyone running the ball. Usually they’re better at one. As for Johnson, I say give him a shot. As for Joe’s loathing, I say Bucs’ games are best experienced under the influence of something. Just don’t drive.

  3. Sgt Mike Says:

    I’ll say it again, Raheem is in way over his head and by this time next year we will have a new coach. Hopefully someone like Cowher or Shanahan but definitely not a a project coach. We have a decent core of young players that need to be properly coached and we will have good draft position next season. Time for a real coach.

  4. Tye Says:

    I second that Sgt Mike!
    After this season it is time that the Bucs front office steps up and cleans house. Admit their mistakes, get rid of their mistakes and replace their mistakes with quality WINNING leaders!

  5. Sgt Mike Says:

    Proven Quality!….. Like Caybrew.

  6. Paul Says:

    This debacle has less to do with the players and more on the coaches. People (media) just need to call this out for what it is. Raheem the Nightmare has no business being an NFL head coach. I listened to his post conf for just a few minutes (I can’t take more than 60 sec of this guy spouting adjectives and meaningless asinine pseudo macho cliches) and the only thing I heard from him is blaming the players. He should at least first blame himself…like ultimately I did not prepare this team well so for that we got humiliated. Preparing a team well and somehow losing a close competitive game is one thing, but this team looks absolutely clueless and hopeless out there. Any amount of calling outs or belitting the manhood of the players by this coach will not change the fortunes of this team as long as the man in charge is incapable of play calling, game management, game planning, inspiring, and talent evaluation. You would hope he is capable of two of those requirement and there might be a shot at winning one game this season.

  7. grumpy4669 Says:

    Outside of three or four Bucs starters, the rest of our starters are AT BEST 2nd team on most teams in the NFL. I have to ask though–if Bates is a fucking guru as a DC, why in the fuck did he not have a job at the beginning of this year??? The defense is fucking clueless, none of them look like the know what the hell they are doing out there!! As sucky as most of these players are (yeah, I’m calling you out Hovan, you fucking blowhard!!!), Bates is responsible for ensuring they know their assignments!!

  8. grumpy4669 Says:

    I thought the bottom was when the Bucs went 4-12 a couple of years ago with Gradkowski at QB, but this team is WAYYY worse than that one. Sure, Raheem is not a good HC at this level right now, and he gets the lion’s share of the blame, but you have to go after the scouts on this team even more because the guys that this team has drafted over the years are just not that talented. No one wants to address the Bucs organization for being a complete failure when it comes to drafting new guys and signing FAs, or hold anyone to task for their failures!!

  9. Sgt Mike Says:

    Just goes to prove that while Gruden may not have been our answer he definitely kept us competitive for most of his years here with little help from the organization. I still feel it was time for a change from Gruden but it needed to be a positive change and so far with bad decisions that rival Leeman Bennett and Richard Williamson, the new coaching staff is way out of there league. I’m not sure if these guys should be coaching college. Just because we have had a handful of coaches that left our Organization and were successful does not mean all will be especilly at home. At home we had great leaders like Monte Kiffin, Tony Dungy and Gruden to mold these coaches. The dream has the least tenure under any of these guys. It took Tomlin and Smith a few years to get there shot and they were exposed to all three of these solid coaches for a few years with the one constant being Monte Kiffin. The Dream has become a nightmare and its apparent he is a one and done HC in Tampa and is in way over his head. Hopefully they didn’t ruin his career while destroying the Bucs.