When Will The Bucs Win?

September 20th, 2009

The whispers heard about what might happen if the Bucs lose to the Bills game can now be spoken out loud.

“When will the Bucs win their first game?”

It doesn’t appear likely for a while. Let’s look at the Bucs next 14 games.

It’s ugly folks.

at Redskins
at Eagles
Patriots (at London)
Green Bay
at Dolphins
at Falcons
at Seahawks
at Saints

That’s a brutal schedule by anyone’s standards. Sure, Carolina is now 0-2 like the Bucs. Those might be winnable games.

The Packers aren’t looking quite as strong as previously thought. That might be a win.

Maybe Washington. maybe Seattle, though the Bucs historically (aside from the Super Bowl) have blown chunks on the west coast and Seattle is one of the toughest places to play.

Can the Bucs win three games?

This is a question that Joe is almost too scared to ponder.

4 Responses to “When Will The Bucs Win?”

  1. Bucked Up Says:

    Why try to figure out when they will win the first game?
    Its more fun to guess when they will make a change at QB.
    It’s really the only thing thats inevitable given this schedule.

    There were just too many poorly thrown balls coming out of Sandwiches hands at all different points in the game. The players seem to like him a lot, but errant passes won’t continue to inspire a lot of confidence. Lucky more weren’t picked off today.

    If we are going to be at the head of the line for Tebow or one of the other Heisman guys in this quarterback rich draft, when do they agree with the rest of the analysts and use this “rebuilding year” to build someone and see what their needs really are going to be.
    Leftwich will probably make a great mentor once he gets over being benched. Although considering the beatings he’s taking…..He might be relieved.

    Anyone catch the Jets/Sanchez game?
    QB change or win?
    Which comes first Chicken or Egg?

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    “Drown the Dream”

  3. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    thats only 13 games joe

  4. Pete Says:

    Carolina is the most likely, at home in the heat. + Tampa has more time to try to look and play like a football team by then.

    The Redskins seem to be awful but the Bucs seem more awful. Thus at home the Skins should get it done.

    The Eagles at home with or without McNabb are likely to be to big a mountain to climb.