Time For Ruud To Dominate

September 18th, 2009

Joe is calling out Barrett Ruud.

It’s time for him to turn in a Pro Bowl performance on Sunday. His Bucs defense has been torched for massive yardage in its last five regular season games. He wants the big money. Then it’s time to earn it.

Defensive success against the Buffalo Bills is going to fall heavily on Ruud. The Bills run a lot of no-huddle offense, which means Ruud, who makes the calls on defense,  is command central for communicating with his defense on the fly.

Communication was clearly an issue against the Cowboys.

Speaking on 1010 AM on Wednesday night, Ruud said the loss to the Cowboys was easier to stomach compared to the Monday night loss against Carolina last year because this time the Bucs’ defense beat themselves rather than being dominated by the opponent.

Ruud said the defensive issues are correctable.

Joe’s calling on Ruud to fix them — now. 

2 Responses to “Time For Ruud To Dominate”

  1. Steve Says:

    fo show

  2. MTM Says:

    Ruud is not a dominate force on the defense and won’t be. Lets face it he should be around every play. But he is not. Fan favorites don’t always make plays.