The Three-Back Salesman

September 10th, 2009

"Caddy, I'm telling you. We can both get 1,000 yards. It feels good to share."

Answering questions from the Dallas media about all things Bucs on Wednesday, Raheem The Dream was quick to explain that Antonio Bryant is not a vocal leader but a guy who works extraordinarily hard on the field and off.

Now when asked about running back Derrick Ward, who has put a hurting on the Cowboys in the past and embarrased their starting cornerback, Raheem The Dream was quick to praise Ward his leadership, especially in selling the running-back-by-committee plan.

“You’re talking about a leader,” Raheem The Dream said of Ward. ” You’re talking about a guy that’s come from the bottom, that’s self-driven. You’re talking about a guy that’s absolutely spread that whole concept that the Giants had, the three running back system and spreading the ball around. …And being that same kind of core guy, and team guy. And he’s brought all those qualities to us. He’s just a dynamic person, and dynamic player.”

Now Joe has to wonder, to whom was Ward spreading the virtues of the three-back rotation? Surely, nobody on the team would care but the running backs. And Earnest Graham is the ultimate team guy.

That leaves Cadillac Williams.

Joe believes Ward reached out to give his best sales pitch to Cadillac, who has been less than glowing in recent interviews when asked about splitting carries in the new system.

Heck, Cadillac even told Joe not to assume the Bucs’ new offense would be better than Chucky’s.

Cadillac has had his best successes when he carried the load of the backfield work, 20- and 30-plus carries and often growing stronger as games went on. Joe suspects Cadillac sees himself as Chucky saw him, as a feature back.

Joe hopes Cadillac is over that.

2 Responses to “The Three-Back Salesman”

  1. Jeff Says:

    His knees say he can’t be a feature back. When you “feature” a back, you depend on him. Ra just needs to go with the back that’s hot.

  2. mr. Lucky Says:

    Caddy should be a feature – on the Discovery Health Network. Episode “Sports Injuries”