Stuck On 462

September 13th, 2009
Shown here is the Bucs defense. Not pictured is Sabby Piscitelli running four yards behind a Cowboys receiver.

Shown here is the Bucs defense. Not pictured is Sabby Piscitelli running four yards behind a Cowboys receiver.

Joe hates spin. Hates it.

Fans in the stands don’t spin. Either a team or a player is playing well or he is stinking up the joint.

Smack in the middle of the beer-swilling fan base on gameday is where Joe loves to be. It’s a true no-spin zone.

So Joe just can’t get past the Bucs allowing 462 yards to the Cowboys — at home. And on a day when the Bucs moved the ball and chewed up 450 yards on their own. This surely had to be one of the worst defensive performances in Bucs history.

No pass rush. Big play after big play in the secondary.

Joe’s only comforting thought is the Bucs were torched last year on opening day for 400+ yards, and the defense recovered until the December collapse.

But at least last season’s dreadful opening day was on the road and the offense struggled. No excuse this year. Joe’s hoping the Bucs talent on defense isn’t as bad as it looked.

5 Responses to “Stuck On 462”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe the defense is probably WORSE.

    Dallas isn’t that good. Those routes were average at best. The Bucs pass rush was to put it politely, non-existent.

    Gaines who? Oh yeah that dude who got the offsides penalty giving Dallas a first down. Adams is a BUST. That’s why I’m so pissed at the Freeman pick. The Bucs needed defensive end help desperately and Larry English or Brian Arapko or even Jerry Peria would have been so much better.


    Sit Gaines Adams ass down on the bench where he belongs and play Greg White. yeah it’s Greg White until you start performing 1 sack a week buddy. Jimmy Wilkerson almost had a sack and performed fair but he’s not a first round pick…

    Gaines BUST adams. yeah with a little a

  2. Pete Says:

    The D held the vaunted Dallas running game in check for most of the game. Romo on 3 big pass plays was the difference and the lack of pass rush on the QB. The secondary got burned but how long can the secondary be expected to stay with receivers with Romo having all day?

    Did we blitz?

  3. JK Says:

    Would you rather win by 7 to 6 or loose by 13 but score 21 points? This is the new direction.

  4. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Gaines Adams….where the hell are you? It’s time to step up big man. You are a vet now and you need to make splash plays. We have waited for you long enough. Get it in gear or get out of town. Play with some heart man!

  5. leningan Says:


    I don’t recall us blitzing more than a few times. Once, romo read it and burned us bad (that was the 80 yd td to crayton). Once, we sacked romo and another we forced him to throw it away. don’t know why we weren’t blitzing more, though I gues the more cautious fan would point to Crayton’s TD. As Raheem said, and i paraphrase, “at least the mistakes we made are correctable…” come back soon tanard…