Sloppy Play Falls On Raheem

September 20th, 2009

Thirteen penalties for 112 yards against the mighty Bills. The Bucs didn’t meet a face mask they didn’t like.

That’s crappy, sloppy football, and that falls on the head coach.

Jeremy Trueblood was at it again. Gaines Adams gets the genius-of-the-day award for ripping off Trend Edwards’ helmet after his legs stopped moving during a quarterback sneak.

Hey, Gaines, if you want your name called, try getting to the quarterback!

Where else can you lay the blame for such an extreme amount of penalties than on the feet of the head coach?

Joe would love to place it somewhere else. Perhaps Raheem The Dream has been too lenient with his team?

Perhaps the defense is so out of synch in the new system that guys aren’t relaxed and able to perform the basics like blocking and tackling? Joe is confident analyst Scot Brantley, the former Gator and Bucs legend, will have much to say about this later in the week.

Unfortunately, the Bucs aren’t talented enough to play sloppy and win.

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