Offense In Training Camp Mode

September 17th, 2009

Yes, the Bucs offensive looked like a formidable unit on Sunday. But it’s a major work in progress, said offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

So much so that he said the Bucs are in training camp mode after firing former offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski two weeks ago.

Olson laughed during his news conference yesterday while talking about adding to the Bucs’ playbook. Olson said the Bucs are significantly behind the 8-ball from the Jagodzinski regime when it comes to a playbook needed for a 16-game season.

The Bucs will be installing new plays for at least another three weeks.

“I didn’t feel like our base was big enough,” Olson said. “I asked for [the players’] dedication to try and learn some things. …Our attention to detail could be better. But I appreciate the effort they’re giving me at this point. …They’re on that [training] camp mode of learning. … They’ve embraced it, in my opinion.”

Olson’s laughter came when asked about the volume of his playbook compared to Jon Gruden’s notoriously complex bible of checkdowns and shifting.

“I’m not going to ever be at that volume,” Olson said. “But I do want to challenge them and have them feel stimulated when the come into the building.”

Olson went on to say the players left over the Chucky regime are well schooled in mastering a large playbook and an ever-changing gameplan.

Joe recognizes that Olson has a massive challenge before him. So far, he’s done extremely well. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Bucs offense being in training camp mode is not normal.

Fans will soon find out if this unorthodox situation translates to victories or a unit struggling to stay in a good rhythm.

One Response to “Offense In Training Camp Mode”

  1. oar Says:

    I know just to keep the league fair, every team should be in “training camp mode” until their bye week.