Mark Dominik Comes Out Swinging

September 18th, 2009
Seriously Mr. Glazer, I never heard of Red Football Ltd.

"Seriously Mr. Glazer, I never heard of Red Football, Ltd."

Joe’s a bit late on this but better late than never.

Everyone has their limit on how much flack they can take. Even Joe. Doesn’t matter how nice of a guy someone is, sooner or later they will blow.

Well, it finally happened for good guy Mark Dominik.

The first-year Bucs general manager, who is beyond polite and cooperative to the fourth estate, a trait greatly admired by Joe, has read the papers, listened to talk radio, and Joe suspects has read the comments on this very site.

(Joe is well aware he is bookmarked on the computers within the walls of One Buc Palace. He’s seen the IP addresses, read the e-mails [including one comment] and has heard the voice mails from Bucs front office types.)

Domink finally had his fill. He came out swinging with eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune to vehemently defend his bosses. In short, Dominik proclaimed, the Glazer family is not cheap.

“There’s been no wavering in their desire to have a championship football team here in Tampa,” Dominik said of Bucs ownership. “People that say the Glazers are cheap don’t realize they fired Jon Gruden with three years left on his contract, along with Bruce Allen. They could have tried to ride that out.

“I’ve heard all the speculation about their soccer interests, but people need to understand their business with Manchester United is a completely different entity from the Buccaneers. There’s never been a time when I didn’t feel our owners wanted to win.”

Dominik goes on to make some salient points: Chucky and Bruce Almighty were on the books for three additional years when they were fired. That’s a combined $30 million the Glazers are coughing up for nothing. This is why Joe was shocked the duo were canned. That’s a lot of bread.

Also, Dominik noted that first round quarterbacks cost an arm and a leg. Enter Josh Freeman.

But what Dominik didn’t mention is something called Red Football Ltd. This happens to be a company that the Glazers own that oversees both the Bucs and the Glazers’ English kickball team in which the Glazers owe a tremendous amount of debt on, despite the fact the river of revenue from the kickball team is impressive.

In short, monies used to operate both teams come from the same pot: Red Football, Ltd.

Look, Joe knows Dominik is not going to call out or expose the people who sign his checks. It’s absurd to think otherwise. Again, Joe agrees with many of the points Dominik explained.

Dominik’s chat with Kaufman was the work of a loyal, solid employee going to bat for his employer. Nothing wrong with that. Just like Joe has nothing at all against Dominik (Joe is rather fond of Dominik).

But Joe can’t help but understand why Bucs fans believe the Glazers are ignoring the Bucs. It may not be wholly accurate, but people connect the dots with the information they have.

The best way to muzzle those who claim the Glazers are just using the Bucs revenue to help pay off their English kickball team debt would be to spend (wisely) on players. NFL players.

It seems Domink has started that trend.

11 Responses to “Mark Dominik Comes Out Swinging”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sounds like the Glosers need to turn things around with “Red Football, Ltd” and make it “Black Football, Ltd”. Isn’t against NFL rules to combine monies from an NFL franchise with a different Sports Franchise, or robbing Peter to pay Paul. Maybe if they were robbing Paul to pay Peter, Fans wouldn’t mind. Dominick must really think Buc Fans are stupid. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mark. Moron.

  2. james from dunedin Says:

    The movement of the debt onto Red Football combined with the massive price increases in Tampa point to the inescapable conclusion that profits from the Buccaneers (taken from the wallets of their fans) are being used to pay off the Glazers’ United debt.

  3. Joe Says:


    The NFL has rules against dual (or multiple) ownership of sports franchies for teams in North America, which is one reason you see a number of NFL owners investing in foreign kickball teams.

    From what Joe has learned, the Glazers went to the NFL and were very open with the league office what they were doing in buying the English kickball team and how the finances/front offices were set up, et al, and the NFL gave the Glazers its blessing.

    As far as NFL owners investing in kickball teams, Joe just shakes his head. Joe knows of a series of sports websites any NFL owner can invest in with far less capital with a very good chance of substancial returns on their modest investment.

  4. Dan Says:

    Some of you so-called buc fans are completely oblivious. The glazers and Dominik did the right thing this offseason in not going nuts on the free agent market. Unless you didn’t notice, you cannot buy championships. Dominik and Morris need to see a year of our young players to find out who are capable starters, before we mortgage the future. Solid and successful teams do not buy players to compete. They build through the draft and add “pieces” through free agency.

    The point of having to pay Gruden and Allen are extremely valid points and I have no doubt that the Glazer want the Bucs to be a winner. But perhaps there listening to their football people, who explain a contender is not built in one offseason. These things take time.

    After this season, do not be shocked to see the glazers and Dominik splash some proverbial cash around. But to address weak positions. Not to just throw money around because we have it.

  5. james from dunedin Says:

    Dan, its more than just this offseason, this has been going on for years. Since 04 the bucs have spent the least of all NFLl teams but continue to raise tickets and parking. After nine seasons as a season ticket holder ive seen enough. The Glazers may want a winner, but on what side of the pond?

  6. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Fly agrees that the Glazers want a “winner”, it is just they define that as “profitable” not “champions”.

  7. Joe Says:

    Joe was under the impression Fly would be too hungover this morning to post any comments.

    Does Fly agree with Steve Duemig that the Canes are back?

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hey Danno, buddy,
    Sean Mahan, Chris Hovan,Greg White, Jimmy Wilkersen, Jeff(injured all the time) Faine, Byron Leftwich, Niko Koutivides, Matt McCoy, Ted Nugent’s brother he won’t claim, Maurice Evans, Bill the Punter.
    At least 6 or 7 starters, all some other Teams’ rejects, all signed, all mediocre, none of them stars. 30% of the players on the field. That sure sure is building through the draft.
    The exceptions are Derrick Ward & Antonio Bryant being top notch talent. I’m am a Buc Fan but not one of the Sheeple like you are. So Dan, it seems to me that you are the one who is drinking the Sugar Free coolaid and is pretty much clueless.

  9. SensibleFan Says:

    @ BigMacAttack

    The free agent market was terrible due to all the good players re-upping with their respective teams. Who did you want them to bring in? Albert Haynesworth (fat, injured), Chris Canty (injured, always a 3-4 end), Housh/M. Harrison (too old), T.O. (goodbye chemistry), Sproles (Clifton Smith), Leigh Bodden, etc.?

    Furthermore, EVERY year the FA market is fool’s gold. How many years did we bring in our own overpaid but ultimately underperforming FA? You build teams through the draft and cherry picking FAs with tread still on their tires at the RIGHT price to be successful…Now if we could only draft better…lol.

  10. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    The Canes are now well-coached [what took you so long Randy?] and very skilled at some positions. They are not yet deep and a few key injuries could end the season. But, it was nice to wake up to Fox News running a loop of “the hit” as the morning’s lead story. At this rate Fly will not have to buy lunch or Tito’s for a long time! 😉

  11. Jesse Says:

    According to Haynesworth we offered him more money than Washington did. He declined, our salary cap situation would be very different if he would have accepted. Just until a year ago faine was the highest paid center in the league. We were stronger this year than ever in pursuing free agency. 3rd and 4th round picks are cheap labor. Some people just cant help but complain. I know, I have a couple of them that work for me.