Lowlights Of Bucs Loss To Texans

September 5th, 2009

Where else do you expect loads of video highlights of the Bucs final preseason game?

Why Joe, of course. Who else?

First up is highlights of the game, replete with Gene Deckerhoff no less!

The second video is highlights of rookie quarterback Josh Freeman in his first start as a Bucs signal-caller, and his first touchdown thrown as a pro. It includes John Lynch on the TV broadcast blistering the Bucs for a woeful passing game.

As Marshall Faulk (stupidly) once told Lynch during a game, “Bring it Johnny!”

Lastly, Buccaneers.com has Raheem the Dream’s postgame press conference.

2 Responses to “Lowlights Of Bucs Loss To Texans”

  1. grumpy4669 Says:

    Hey guys, just got home from the game, and gotta say the QBs had a rough night, but the touchdown throw, as well as that 2 min offense from Freeman was pretty impressive. That defender was draped all over Hankton, yet Freeman threw a STRIKE for a TD. JJ, while throwing a stupid first pass that all of us on the Pirate ship saw had interception written all over it, was pretty impressive as well. The TD drive and the final drive that came up short were nice to watch. I just can’t see JJ NOT being a part of this team. I know McCown is making millions, but I truly think it’s time to turn him loose. We all know the next couple of years are going to be rebuilding, with the Glazers saving money wherever they can because we’re probably going to have a player lockout after next year. Maybe when the economy gets better the Glazers will spend more money on the Bucs, but right now they’re taking all the money they’re making on the Bucs and sinking it into that stupid team in England!

  2. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the update Grumpy!

    Joe welcomes if not encourages fans who were at the game to offer their insights.