Jeff Jagodzinski Fired

September 3rd, 2009

The Bucs have fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski this morning. Quarterback coach Greg Olson will take his place.

Obviously, Joe will have much more on this development as the day progresses.

21 Responses to “Jeff Jagodzinski Fired”

  1. SensibleFan Says:

    I’m terribly sadden by this move. Maybe I was wrong to put faith in Raheem.

  2. buddhaboy Says:

    WTF….If i were looking at this from an outsiders point of view, i would think the Bucs and this new coach don’t really know what they are doing. Imagine the players thoughts when they go to practice and they are without their offensive coordinator. Not good.

  3. oar Says:

    Wow, wonder if he was butting heads with Raheem and his “the qb position is not his decision”?

  4. bucfan Says:

    I am totally confused by this move.The offense hasn’t looked horrible,not pro bowl caliber but capable nonetheless.Route running has been great but Leftwich is throwing the ball 6 feet over guys heads when they are wide open!! Totally asinine move IMO. Tickets for sale…anyone?…anyone?

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Think about Jeff Jagodzinski, He almost had his name attached to one of the worst teams this year. He dodged a bullet by getting fired. The Bucs have really sealed the deal. I wish Gruden and Allen were still here. What a clown organization this has become. I hope that the Glazers kept all the phone numbers to all the people they interviewed to Fire Gruden and Allen.

  6. SensibleFan Says:

    @ oar

    I just said the same thing to my roommate. Jags is a CEO; He didn’t look like a guy who would play second fiddle to anyone. Perhaps this move was an inevitability anyway.

  7. SensibleFan Says:

    @ The_Buc_Realist Says

    I would’ve whole heartedly disagreed with you before this move. I think the Bucs have enough talent to get by and win 6-8 games but this move takes it down to 4-6. The name Greg Olson doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of DCs around the league. Very disappointing move. Further, Freeman’s OC count is now up to 2. Young QBs can’t develop properly with an OC carousel (see: J. Campbell, Redskins)

  8. mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey think this move will sell move tickets? 🙁

  9. polkcountydude Says:

    Wow, I’ve defended the new regime, but this firing takes the cake. No Chan Gailey?

  10. Ethan Says:

    Hell why dont we release the whole team. there is not a product out there I want to pay for. Atleast Jags had a good game plan. didnt to to bad a BC look at mr. Matt Ryan

  11. Grundle Says:

    Jags would have made a better head coach then Raheem in my opion. Guy did a great job at BC, got screwed over by the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets, and now gets screw by the Bucs too. This season is already a joke.

  12. Mike Says:

    I don’t think Jags was well liked, and this was a needed move to get the team headed in the right direction.

  13. Matt88 Says:

    Wow…thats the only thing i can think to say…i really hope raheem knows what hes doing

  14. Charkh Says:

    The guys probably didn’t mesh well. I mean, it’s all speculation at this point, but the writing seems to have been on the wall in hindsight. Freeman repeatedly talked up Greg Olson every chance he could get and Jags had the comment of having no say in the QB decision. What kind of OC doesn’t have a say in his choice of QB? They probably butted heads and didn’t want a distraction. While I think he would have been an awesome OC, if he was arguing with Raheem to the point that he felt it necessary to tell the press he had no say, well, it’s probably best he left.

  15. polkcountydude Says:

    @Charkh, great point, I think you have the right read there.

  16. Sgt Mike Says:

    Let’s just hope the Buc’s do not chase off the core of young up and coming players so much that it scares off Cowher or Shanahan next year. What a Douchebag move by the Bucs. I guess theres a 50/50 shot this was the right move but I think not. Hopefully I’m wrong and we go to the SB.

  17. gilbert grape Says:

    Whoa… I have been an optimist up until this point, but this concerns me. Jag and Bates gave a stamp of legitimacy to this staff. Now half of that is gone. I was never under the impression that Jag was a really nice guy or particularly personable but I was excited by the prospect of having a legit offensive cordinator for the first time in a coon’s age. I was not concerned like many were about the waffling on the QB choice, but this seems like a rash and tempermental move, not in keeping with a steady and level headed coach we need. I wonder if this is due to a discord over the QB choice (one I like many of you strongly disagree with.) If so, how much can we expect from a staff that can’t hold it together over a decision on the starting QB, much less a possibe 0 and 6 start. I hope this is idle panic and Raheem proves me wrong.

    On a side note, I am somewhat annoyed that upon hearing the news, I switched over to 620 hoping to hear some discussion about the move. Unfortunately, after a few comments about the firing, Ron and Ian promptly delved into a conversation over women urinating while standing up, and wheter or not that was something that turns them on. Am I the only one irked by the bulk of talk radio in this town? On 1010 we have a Jets and Mets fan hosting a local show who has no love for this area or its teams, and Ron and Ian duo who seem to have no discuss everything BUT sports for big portion of their show.

  18. Joe Says:


    Ron and Ian had Joe on for maybe 10 minutes to talk about the firing.

  19. Pete Says:

    Wow! What a move. Guess if you can’t get along but lets hope Morris is correct. I agree…ticket’s anyone?

  20. gilbert grape Says:

    I am sorry I missed the interview with Joe, but I didn’t stick around long enough on 620. I am glad it was discussed with Joe on the air, but I had reached my limit of those guys.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Oh well, more of the same stuff from 1 Buc. Who gives a shit at this point. Maybe they should have asked Jags about play calling before they hired him. And people thought Gruden was a liar.