Jeff Faine Can’t Do Pushups

September 26th, 2009

There are injury reports, and then there’s how a player really feels.

There’s usually a world of difference.

In the case of center Jeff Faine, don’t expect him back in the Bucs’ lineup any time soon.

Speaking on 1010 AM on Friday, Faine said his shredded tricep muscle is improving and he feels at “50 percent.” But Faine said he is in no rush to play until he’s healed and ready to perform at his peak through the remainder of the sason.

To illustrate how far he is from being game-ready, Faine said, “I almost fell on my face” attempting a push up earlier this week.

Also, Joe was intrigued by Faine referencing the “tough business” side of the NFL that saw the Bucs cut Sean Mahan only to rush him in as a savior at center a couple of weeks later.

And Faine also went out of his way to call quarterback Josh Johnson “a starter” in the NFL.  

Joe listens to lots of player interviews. Why do none of these guys ever speak glowingly about Josh Freeman?

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