Jagodzinski Firing Is “Troubling”

September 9th, 2009

Sure, it’s been a week since the Bucs fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. But it’s taken a week for SI.com NFL scribe Peter King to weigh in.

In short, King insinuates the Bucs organization dropped the ball big time.

From Joseph B. of El Paso: “Which of the three offensive coordinator moves did you like the most — Chiefs, Bills or Bucs? Least? Also, do any of those teams have a shot at making the playoffs this season?”

Well, I don’t see any of the three being above .500, and I’m sure I’m not alone there. I think the troubling ones are Kansas City and Tampa Bay because these were new coaches and administrations interviewing candidates and settling on two experienced coaches, Chan Gailey and Jeff Jagodzinski. And you get a month into training camp and find out you don’t like them and can’t work together?

Here’s Joe’s final thought on the matter: Did the Bucs not vet Jagodzinski properly? Of course.

But — at the risk of sounding like a homer — as Joe told his good friend Justin Pawlowski on an edition of “The Blitz” Saturday afternoon on WDAE-AM 620, how many locals would have rejoiced if Father Dungy would have fired one of the three wretched offensive coordinators he had nine days before the opening of the season?

At least Raheem The Dream had the spine and common sense to get rid of a bad coach before bad turned to worse.

2 Responses to “Jagodzinski Firing Is “Troubling””

  1. Michael Weber Says:

    I’m not sure there’s anyone that would’ve “rejoiced” if Tony Dungy had fired his offensive coordinator days before the season in 1996. After that season, apples and oranges between Dungy and Raheem.

  2. Pete Says:

    No…the Jagodzinski HIRING is troubling.