“It Could Be A Bloodbath This Year”

September 2nd, 2009

Brad Culpepper thinks the Bucs will stink in 2009

Joe has finally found the most negative, down-on-the-2009-season Bucs fan on the planet. His name is Brad Culpepper, the former Bucs defensive tackle turned local ambulance chaser.

Now Joe talks Bucs football with many fans, and he hasn’t met one who dropped a prognostication like “starting 2-10,” as Culpepper did while speaking on 620 WDAE-AM today.

Culpepper, with his usual I’m-smarter-than-you attitude, said he knows Bucs fans are liking what they’re seeing in the preseason but “it could be a bloodbath this year.”

Joe wonders whether the Bucs bedfellows with the colorful magazine will allow Culpepper to spew such negativity in his column for their outdated print publication.

8 Responses to ““It Could Be A Bloodbath This Year””

  1. Pete Says:

    Being a lawyer, I can say the ambulance chasers are a legitimate way of making income, however, I can’t abide the over the top advertising and the heavy overblown approach. In some ways they are like the ex-players on the NFL Network in their perfect $1000 + suits.

    I was lucky that I did not have to go into personal injury law but some of my classmates did.

    Starting 2-10 seems possible but not probable, but with Lefty under center who knows. Injuries and depth coupled with a tough schedule base on last year makes it a possibility.

    Also which Bucs fans are “liking” what they are seeing? I like some of what I see but unfortunately the QB issue may be a year long drag.

    Go Bucs!!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Brad needs to stick to making goofy commercials of him working out along with close-ups of his brother-in-law’s bleached teeth.

  3. Jorge Says:

    Oh Brad…A legend in his own mind…Did you guys hear him drop the S bomb on the wanna be BSPN Binzfsrdndsk, I never listen to him so it was a nice treat to hear them scramble after wards .

  4. RastaMon Says:

    “with his usual I’m-smarter-than-you attitude”…….
    pot /kettle

  5. Karl Says:

    Sounds like joebuc is jealous of the “out dated colorful mag ” guys and there much better site.

  6. Joe Says:

    Ha! LOL

  7. Joe Says:


    Maybe Douchebag in the afternoon over there shouldn’t have bleeped Culpepper. He may have gotten a 0.1 rating as a result.

  8. grumpy4669 Says:

    I definitely can see us being 2-10, this isn’t a very talented team, even among some of the starters (Sabby, Clayton). Hell, we’re dumpster diving O linemen from the Raiders trash can–need I say more!! Although I’ll agree with the rest of you on Culpepper’s attitude!